What is the Phenomenon?

This is a true story.

The Unidentified Phenomena are no laughing matter because I think there could be many kinds, they are strange to us, and they are doing unwanted intrusions. Unfortunately, we have all been complicit to a lie for our entire lives. I don’t know if after World War II, that the public would accept the truth, and this has allowed people to muddy the waters in the spirit of protecting you from information that is uncomfortable to comprehend.

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.
-Mark Twain

I have personally witnessed at least one type of Being, and possibly a second type as well. I have also seen multiple vessels associated with these Beings. Based on my own experiences, I can affirm that they are real.

I understand that a picture is worth a thousand words. This image recreates a scene from my childhood, depicting me alongside the metallic spheres I encountered.

At first, it was believed to be just one Phenomenon, but it turns out to be a multitude of Phenomena. While you might call them UFOs or UAPs, those labels don’t adequately describe their true nature. So, how can we discuss identifying different Beings when we haven’t even verified the presence of a single one?

The fear of potentially unsettling discoveries is what truly disturbs people when considering these questions. Is it possible for national security to align with complete disclosure of UFO information, or does the intricacy of the matter naturally lead to a ‘Secrecy vs. Disclosure’ paradox?

Ignoring their presence is not the solution. Secrecy is not the solution. We all deserve an opportunity to rise to the occasion and discover our own truths. The answers may challenge our beliefs, but each of us has the right to decide what to believe and how to feel.

Over the course of more than four decades, I’ve hesitated, feeling that it wasn’t my responsibility to share my experiences. I thought that this wasn’t my problem. I thought that my story didn’t matter. However, my frustration has grown as deceit has become more prevalent during these many years. I’ve encountered Phenomena that many dismiss as unreal. Sharing these experiences isn’t easy; often, it feels like society’s only explanation is negative and that I must be crazy. This is unacceptable. The pursuit of truth serves as our moral compass, and we cannot allow it to be obscured.

So, what is the Phenomenon? Offering a quick and straightforward answer would be akin to accelerating from zero to 2,000 mph in an instant. But bringing you up to speed is precisely what I intend to do. I understand it may be a challenge, but I believe if you read my story in full, you will find something valuable in it for you. It’s not really a story, it’s my testimony.

There are several details in the real Gimbal UFO Video Incident that strikingly resemble what I witnessed as a child. There is a special detail in that video, that nobody talks about, but real.

The scale of their presence here on Earth is nothing short of shocking. If you’re skeptical about there being even one off-world vehicle, the realization that there is no known upper limit for just how many can materialize would be incomprehensible.

How is this possible? The truth will leave all of us with more questions than answers and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s better to seek the truth even if it leads to more questions, rather than accepting falsehoods just for the sake of having easy answers.

Possibly in 1919, at the age of 23, Maria Orsic initiated her engagement with the study of and communication with Phenomena. According to these claims, Orsic received telepathic messages from Beings, which included technical information about building a spacecraft. The Vril Society, a group that was interested in metaphysics and supernatural Phenomena, believed in the existence of Vril energy, which they claimed could be used for various purposes, including advanced technology, aircraft propulsion, and communication with Beings.

Possibly John Glenn’s first trip to space in 1962 set off a hornets nest of UFO activity. The question is, just how deep this presence is found in our planet, in our solar system, in our galaxy and our universe (s). The truth could be: To infinity and beyond!

The Phenomena, in its essence, presents a unique view depending on the observer. From your standpoint, it centers around you; from mine, it revolves around me. Yet, from another perspective, it might transcend personal relevance altogether. In one perspective, it is perhaps the intricacies of Quantum Physics, while in another, it simply reflects the fundamental nature of our reality.

No one of true importance has ever claimed that human written science is the sole method for interpreting our environment and experiences. There seems to exist other, perhaps lesser-known, means of description that elude our current understanding yet remain valid in capturing the essence of our world, regardless of our acceptance, perception or comprehension.

From the moment of birth, you are cast into the grand narrative of life—a story that is yours to interpret and enact according to your choices. You possess the power to control how you feel, to shape your journey on a personal timeline, an invitation to seize life and pursue enlightenment. However, the structure of our world often redirects attention to pursuits far removed from this quest for truth. While traces of this profound knowledge can be found by those who seek it, fully grasping its entirety remains a formidable challenge. Yet, it’s crucial to acknowledge that for some, the path isn’t always about seeking light. Sometimes, darkness finds them first, or they find solace in the shadows, a different kind of truth and understanding. Regardless of your path, don’t let individuals with dubious motives deter you from uncovering your own truth.

Some of us are purposefully awakened to the idea that our perception of existence isn’t as fixed as it seems. This realization might come through experiencing the loss of something we believed to be real. This experience subtly reveals the paradox of losing what, in essence, may never have truly existed. Our journey involves understanding that we’re not anchored to a single reality. In fact, some of us might frequently shift between closely related realities.

If you are confused, you understand perfectly. For better or for worse, for our protection or control, our perception of reality and timelines are manipulated and obscured by entities. How is that for ‘ripping off the bandage’? If you prefer to ‘peel off the bandage’ slowly, continue reading. The true story I’m telling is actually your story too, I’m just a messenger.

I recognize that digesting my UFO and Abduction Story could be challenging because it is not the ET story that you would expect.

The timeline alterations are escalating and becoming increasingly unsettling and depressing. How can the lyrics of a song in one reality proclaim, “celebrate this thing called life,” while in this reality it suggests we merely “get through this thing called life”?

I doubt that the unadulterated truth will ever come to light in my lifetime, mainly because its comprehension demands a paradigm shift too vast for the average person. It’s one thing to wrap our minds around the concept of UFOs, but the existence of these Beings is another matter entirely. Their reality veers into the realm of the bizarre, bordering on the surreal, and appears too outlandish for conventional scientific understanding, let alone a clear explanation.

Some of us perceive existence differently; some encounter mysterious flying vehicles, others meet extraordinary Beings, and still others possess varying degrees of psychic abilities and experiences with the paranormal. From my experiences, is it considered inappropriate to entertain the idea of a superior alien race with blonde hair and blue eyes, given the historical context of numerous wars involving racial ideologies and religions. I know what I saw.

We are living in an extraordinary period, a time of awakening, where our consciousness is expanding to the realization that much of our narrative remains misunderstood and unwritten. During this transformative time, the limitations of our conventional understanding are becoming increasingly clear, prompting us to seek deeper truths. The Phenomena transcends the visible realm; it doesn’t just engage our eyes— without making a sound, it can speak directly to us. Yet, too many of us are still like the Scarecrow. Echoing the sentiment, ‘I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,’ the conclusion of our story retains a sense of elusive certainty, suggesting that all we need is the courage to follow the Yellow Brick Road. Whether you look forward or look back, both paths have been manipulated.

The story below is meant for those in search of it. You’re here for a purpose. Here’s the message meant for you.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
-Mark Twain

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