What is the Phenomenon?

UFO Tagging Aircraft

7. Many other Witnesses have seen the Spheres

In 1979, Forestry worker Robert Bob Taylor was attacked by two metal spheres in Livingston, Scotland. I saw the same small and large sphere as he did. I didn’t see any spikes, but these spheres have some ability to change its shape.

In 1973, a man named Ralph Novak reported that he and a friend were approached by a sphere while fishing in Wisconsin. The sphere, which was described as having the size of a small car, reportedly hovered above their boat before quickly disappearing. Novak claimed that the encounter left him feeling strange, with a sense of having lost time and a general feeling of disorientation.

In 1987, a group of teenagers reported a similar encounter while camping in Maine. They claimed that a sphere-shaped object, approximately the size of a small car, appeared in the sky and emitted a loud, buzzing noise. The sphere reportedly approached the campsite, causing the campers to become frightened and flee.

The Alfena incident of 1990 was a reported UFO sighting that occurred on October 29, 1990, in Alfena, Portugal. The incident involved a group of children who were playing soccer on a field when they noticed a large, spherical object with bright lights hovering in the sky. There were photographs taken.

The San Diego Incident of 2004, was a reported by Rick Ybarra occurred on September 10, 2004, near San Diego. The witness realized that the metal sphere did not have any rotors and appeared to have rods or antennas coming out of it.

The witness then went to his backyard to get a better view and was able to take photos and video of the object for approximately 20 minutes. From my experience, I never saw rods and I never saw windows/vents. I only saw them on the move. I never saw them hover.

These are what UFO’s look like. These are all very similar to what I saw on the farm as a kid. When I think UFO, these metallic spheres and ovals are what I think. The main difference is that I always saw them moving – I never saw them hover. They also have the ability to change their shapes from sphere, oval to pancake and color from silver to white to dark. There are an abundance of Metallic Sphere-Shaped UFOs witnessed worldwide.

When I saw the metallic spheres, they would often be at various heights, various speeds and often hopping, skipping, and bouncing. Some of the speeds were slow and some fast but I could see them with my own eyes.

Dr. Robert Shiepe has done an amazing job of filming UAP when they are too fast for the naked eye. These objects can be faster than a speeding bullet and that is why cameras are required to view them. The Army, the Navy and the Airforce all bait UAP with aircraft such as helicopters and the UAPs tag the aircraft in return.

The video filmed in 2017 over Los Angeles at West Covina, San Gabriel Valley, shows what has been described as an LA County Sheriffs helicopter checking out a hovering spherical object. I speculate that this is not an advertising balloon as stated. Could an untethered balloon stay stationary to be circled by a helicopter when helicopters make strong drafts? Also look at the frames at around 2:45-2:48 another object passes by quickly.

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