What is the Phenomenon?

Metallic Plinth Inside UFO

We weren’t just sleeping on these plinths, these kids were in a deep sleep, we were in a hibernation like state. These plinths controlled our body temperature.

Imagine a metal floor and walls with structural columns. Everything was molded and contoured brushed silver metal. I saw no seams in the room just pure smooth silver metal like it was molded or 3D printed. (I did my best to draw it using Dall-E. This isn’t exactly precise, but it is the best I could do)

Around some of the plinths, there were many tall, thin and silent Beings. They were always in groups – never alone. They may even look human-like as I was not scared – but I do not remember seeing their faces – at this point in time. There was no noise. There was no smell. The room was overly bright, and my eyes had trouble adjusting to the type of light. My vision was similar to when you receive dilation drops from an eye doctor. Your vision is perfect but over exposed by lighting. It almost felt like a greenhouse when artificial lighting is used. I could breathe comfortably. The temperature was warm and comfortable. I too was motionless, but my eyes could move. I don’t know if I was supposed to be awake. I was dozy. It was one of those times in life, when you do not know what to do. There was no communication with me, and my sense was that they found what they were looking for at one of the plinths. There was a sense of excitement and the noise of skirring but this had to do with a boy at another plinth. I couldn’t see very well what was happening as that boy was surrounded. The only noise that I heard, was the Beings movement. I have a feeling that the one boy was able to move.

The strange parts of this story are that I was naked, and I was also a blonde just like the other boys. In fact, my hair as a child was a white blonde.

My awareness of the interactions with the Beings during this visit was only from a distance. But, I had a very good look at this craft. The ship itself is silent and warm and unbelievably real. I had no sense of movement from the actual craft. I assume there was gravity within the craft as nobody looked strapped down. Nothing was floating. I found no signs of my existence in space, in the air, underwater, or anywhere at all. I had no idea where I was. It felt like an alternate realm. I just don’t know.

In comparison, there was no way that this gigantic room was found in a craft I saw when I was 18. Ten or twenty feet would not be large enough. There must be larger crafts or some other explanation for the huge size.

There were multiple upper-level rounded balconies overlooking the lower-level floor. The balconies looked almost cage like but not fully enclosed.

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