What is the Phenomenon?

Alien Blonde Hair Children

On the upper levels there were many human-looking young female children standing but all had oversized human looking blue eyes. The eyes are not googly and could pass as human but almost seem like they are enhanced for beauty. The female children had normal white skin and were dressed uniformly in somewhat shiny tight fitting darker colors.

I only remember seeing females with shoulder length dirty light brown and blonde hair. I had a very good look at these children, and I am positive about what they looked like. They looked extremely curious but expressionless, unusually silent and watched carefully what was happening on the lower floor. There was maybe up to a dozen female children in my field of view.

Only one of the girls came down to my level and had a closer look at me. I had a very good look at her eyes and she was staring at me and I was staring at her. If she was trying to communicate with me, I don’t have a clue what she was thinking. She was silent.

This is what the female children looked like and they all looked similar aged and physically the same almost as if they were sisters or clones. Their hair was youthful with more white blonde and no grey. (I did my best to draw it using Dall-E)

Although it might not seem like it, she is the main character of this abduction. But what is the point of me sharing her story any further. One day, when the Phenomena is accepted, I might share it and if not I will just keep the story to myself and protect it. What I am saying is that the story could branch off right here to another main story. All I can say is, oh my God.

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