What is the Phenomenon?

Blonde Hair Alien Entities

They looked human-like – dare I say my idea of angels. They are wearing light colored, fabric looking and somewhat tight fitted clothes, with white, blonde hair and are surrounded by bright white light. It is not that the Beings are glowing and producing light, but the clothes somewhat reflect the brightness of the craft, and how my eyes are not fully adjusting to it. They appear to have a type of hood or facemask as part of the uniform, but it was mostly not used. They looked nothing like what is described in movies or other media of scary and ugly creatures. At no point in time did I think they were going to eat me or harm me. If anything, they are beautiful. But they did look like a different ethnic race – but human.

This is what a blonde hair alien kind of looks like. They look strangely similar to the character Stahma Tarr (Jaime Murray) from the television series Defiance.

How can I firmly believe in what I’ve seen, when I’m aware that my perception is susceptible to distortion? Is their human-like appearance more for the benefit of those they are interacting with, rather than a reflection of their true form? I don’t know what they are – but they are real and exist, I promise you that.

I don’t really want to get into what they were doing while I was awake. A message from them came as a mix of intuition through symbols. Some symbols included a circle overlapping a square and a square overlapping a circle and some patterns were character symbols that were all connected. But there is depth to these symbols where a circle is a sphere and a square is a cube. I don’t remember the rest, but I was left with an impression. My impression from this experience is that we are their project / property / family / baby. They love us. It felt like a shepherd and flock relationship. That was my interpretation of the symbols. They didn’t actually verbally say this, this is only what I thought they were thinking. I might be wrong, I am only a kid. That was my strange takeaway, leaving me with an unanswered question for them, “What are you?”. I don’t understand or fully comprehend the impression that is left with me. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I can’t comprehend what these Beings are. I am only 6 years old, “Are you even real?”.

To put it differently, it appears highly improbable that any of us will have the chance to sit down and have a cup of tea with any of them anytime soon. I haven’t seen any evidence suggesting that these Beings care about my thoughts, and it would be quite challenging for any scientist to study them in a way that resembles a situation where the tail wags the dog. With these Beings, I think the tables have turned both literally and figuratively.

Is it even possible to study something while it is studying you?

To recap, I don’t have any idea, what is inside the smaller crafts that I saw on the farm when I was a young boy. The first type, I have seen them up-close but only at a glimpse and are 1 to 2 feet long and wide size sphere/oval shaped balls. The second type that were much higher in the sky, would have been around 10-feet sphere/oval shaped balls. I saw these balls only in daylight, not a night. The balls had many different sizes but generally there was small and large. I don’t remember seeing any Beings in either of these types of crafts.

The third type larger craft which I only saw from the inside, I am 75 – 85% certain that the tall Beings are a type of human. I am quite aware that the idea of powerful blonde hair blue-eyed aliens in metal vessels sounds outrageous when you are expecting to see something more sinister. I always wondered when I remained immobilized within their realm of metallic confines, could they sustain their existence in our world without these vessels?

I am also 99% certain that the female children are a type of human. The tall Beings and the female children while similar didn’t seem like the same type of entity. The children looked female with blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. What I do know, is that there were numerous blonde children on the vessel when I was there – blonde boys on the plinths like me and blonde girls on the balconies. While I don’t have any idea, why any of this happened, it is true.

In books and other experiencer reports, these similar described Beings have been named either Pleiadians, Nordics or Tall Whites. They never told me who they are or where they are from.

From the ages of 19 to 39, I no longer had any interactions or UFO experiences. Some time after 1999, I was noticing changes in my timeline. I will go into detail about this later. For the most part, I chalked it all up to an overactive imagination, moved on with my life and tried to live in this reality. I got married and had 3 kids and wanted to live a normal average life. As a side note, one of my boys has white blonde hair.

Are the spheres still here? You bet. If fact, the spheres could be everywhere. I believe they are in the hidden aspects of our reality and sometimes our consciousness can tune in. How is it possible that something can be here, but at the same time not be here? Over the 20 years, I often sense these objects and would turn my head, but I couldn’t see them. I simply looked like a crazy person, searching for something that wasn’t there.

So much time had past and I have gotten older, that I actually believed that the UFO shenanigan’s was a thing of the past. I accepted the timeline changes. But in 2015, when I was 40 years old, I tried to fall asleep and was flooded with thousands of character symbols reminiscent of those I had seen at the age of 6. Some of these symbols bore a resemblance to certain crop circles. They appeared as mental images, arranged horizontally and vertically, and the visual information scrolled at an incredibly rapid pace. The images aren’t perceived through our eyes but instead manifest as three-dimensional impressions from within. It is a distinctive mode of communication that diverges substantially from our usual methods of sound and thought. The alien code is absorbed like a feeling or an instinct.

This experience lasted for approximately one minute, and since then, I have not encountered any similar messages. There was nothing in this message that indicated it was a personal message to me. I believe that there are concealed dimensions to our reality, and occasionally, our consciousness can tap into something. This brings to mind a compelling question: why am I the recipient of numerous messages and interactions from another realm, while others seem oblivious to them? What makes me a conduit for these revelations, instead of someone with a significant platform or public stature of trust?

I have no idea why.

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