What is the Phenomenon?

Balcony Structural Columns Inside UFO

The feeling of the craft was airy similar to a shopping mall where there is open space, but this had smaller upper overlooking levels within structural columns. It was like laying down in a middle hall at a mall, where it is long but narrow. The height of the room, I would estimate at 40 to 60 feet. The width of the room I would estimate at 40 feet. But the length of the hall, was very long. It felt like a mothership. There were arches, archways and plenty of large columns with rounded edges and curvature and brushed silver metallic everywhere. The room walls and ceiling looked curved. The cage feeling of the craft was more for safety than for capture because of the upper floors. I saw two open concept upper floors. Some of the children were able to make adjustments to a metal structure almost like they are playing with a Toy.

Rounded Balconies with Rounded Openings within structural columns. Female children stood on these balconies. I saw no seams in the structure just pure smooth silver metal like it was molded or 3D printed. (I did my best to draw it using Dall-E)

Fortunately, at this point I have no memory of seeing the tall Being faces – almost as if it was blocked out by a light source near their head. They were also at a distance – at least 40 feet away. I do believe that they are human-like in shape. They wore fitting light-colored clothing and had hands. Remember that this was an activity that I did not choose to participate in and the lighting appeared very bright. At this point, there was no feeling of fear, in fact it felt quite natural. But strange as I don’t even know why I was there, I was in a state of awareness and observation, and I just was waiting and waiting. I felt like I was there for many hours.

My intuition suggests that I experienced an unfamiliar state of consciousness. It felt as though I was truly present in this vivid and lifelike realm, complete with color, sound, and smell. The experience was utterly surreal, and I perceived my body to be there, despite remaining immobilized. I suspect that these Beings may have intentionally obscured my perception. Ultimately, the question remains: did a ship and these Beings actually exist? I am 99% convinced they do. While the details of my experience serve as personal proof, it’s something I truly believe in. Had my eyes been shut like those of the other boys, I would have remained oblivious and without any awareness of the incident taking place.

Unfortunately, the peculiar occurrence did not end at the farm. There was a second strange experience about 1 year later with aspects I intend to keep private as the waters are muddy enough. This visit occurred at our new house in a small city about 10 km away from the farm. Somehow, they found me again. I am around 6 years old.

This encounter was even more perplexing. If it truly occurred, I am unsure whether there will ever be an official acknowledgement about these entities. Their existence strays into the territory of the surreal and bizarre. If you accept that these beings really exist, how many others are there like them? How many civilizations do they have across the cosmos?

For me, the fear does not arise during the experience itself, but rather afterwards, as I reflect upon and attempt to process the events. None of it should feel natural – but it does, and comprehending any of it is incredibly challenging. Moreover, the prevailing disbelief in society regarding such occurrences only compounds the difficulty. I had no one to confide in, and I still don’t. I was at a loss for how to even discuss this matter.

I must say, I consider it an honor that you’ve taken the time to read my story. I have finally found an ear to confide in. Thank you.

Sincerely Christopher

When you close your eyes at night and later wake up, you typically expect to resume from where you left off in your bed and in your home, but in these instances, that wasn’t the case.

Although I felt fear after the encounter, it’s not definitive that they intended harm. However, it doesn’t conclusively indicate their harmlessness either as I didn’t give them permission. When my eyes opened and I saw them, this is when the visit soon ended. This visit felt much shorter lasting about 30 minutes when I became aware of the Beings. It is possible that I was there longer but a sleep. I saw what looked like mid aged white male and white female faces with tall but normal trim figures, with shoulder length hair or longer and whitish blonde in color. They did not look young, and they did not look old. There was 4 of them standing and looking over at me on the plinth. It was difficult to determine their gender as they all had longer hair. They almost all looked the exact same or related. I don’t know exactly what they were doing, but there was an medical examination of some sort. In both of my encounters within this realm, I’ve been unable to move, causing me to evaluate my perception of my location.

The description of the inside of the craft was metallic but the room felt much smaller. It was bright. Really bright. I did not have an awareness of any other plinths – only the plinth that I was on. The plinth was warm. There was no noise and no verbal communication. I was only left with an impression. I can assure you; this was not a dream but as real as life can be. The Beings had hands, and I am 95% sure the hands looked human with 5 fingers. I never actually counted the fingers. I did not see any suction cups or remember anything unusual other than they like to touch. I didn’t see any medical equipment – just one single warm metallic plinth that I was on.

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