What is the Phenomenon?

Time Edits

Can you imagine explaining this advanced topic to average people? Most of the population is oblivious. I am only discussing 1 species and I am overwhelmed, and there could be dozens and dozens of other species all with completely different and complicated backstories. I am not even accepting of my own story, and that is why I said nothing for so long.

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any weirder, timeline changes or time edits are even a stranger part of this phenomena.

‘What if I told you’, there’s something fundamentally off about this timeline. I did not experience this version of timeline that most of you know, and I’m far from the only one who’s noticed. At a minimum, there have been multiple, easily detectable ‘Time Edits.’ How can this even be possible? The issue is that most of the evidence also changes. However, not everything does; some evidence remains, and this is referred to as ‘residual evidence’.

The UFO and Alien Phenomena is associated with manipulation of Time.

Let me explain, the majority of the changes are so small and irrelevant that they could go unnoticed. ‘What if I told you that everything you have been led to believe is a lie’.

Have you noticed any changes? From my perspective the timeline changes are obvious, but takes a while to notice because so much of the two timelines are the exact same. Most of the ‘changes’ are small, but some of the ‘changes’ are very large.

Just as UFOs and aliens are often ridiculed and dismissed, timeline changes are also frequently met with skepticism and derision.

Lets start with small changes, I grew up watching Looney Toons on TV during my timeline, while children on this timeline watched Looney Tunes. Next, I watched Sinbad, the comedian, play a character named Shazam in a 1990s movie. I still remember the advertisements. Sinbad as Shazam. In the current timeline that I’m writing this, this didn’t happen.

In the movie, the “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner, in this time line it is “If you build it, he will come.” In my timeline, it was “If you build it, they will come.” In my time line, Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s. I delivered newspapers as a kid, this was a huge over exposed news story that I experienced. In this timeline, he lived until 2013.

On my timeline there was Merv Griffith Show, not Merv Griffin Show. In Forrest Gump, the movie’s famous line, was “Life is like a box of chocolates,” has changed to “Life was like a box of chocolates”.

For my timeline, there is a line in Star Trek that is famous. But on your timeline, William Shatner as Captain Kirk never said, “Beam me up, Scotty!” On my timeline, Richard Simmons was famous for wearing a headband. This timeline he is not.

The whole point of the Mona Lisa painting on my timeline was to determine if she was happy or sad. That was the mystery, but not in this timeline.

Take, for instance, a disconcerting change in my all-time favorite song. I vividly remember Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’ concluding with the powerful words “…of the world.” Yet, in this timeline, those words have vanished from the song’s finale. It’s as if the cornerstone of my favorite anthem has shifted right under my feet. So unsettling was this alteration that I felt compelled to discard the CD, as if the song had morphed within its very casing.

Another example that truly serves as a “canary in the coal mine” for me is my experience with purchasing a 1997 Ford Probe GT back in 1999. Shortly after acquiring the car, I suspected that someone had tampered with my Ford hood badge, replacing it with a counterfeit one. The original badge on my car certainly didn’t spell ‘Feord.’ Fast-forward to 2015, when I decided to trade in the Probe. Before parting ways with the car, I made sure to remove the front hood emblem that carried the misspelled ‘Feord.’ I’ve kept it as physical evidence of this peculiar occurrence and continually keep an eye on it for any changes. These observations were something I reached independently, and they’ve been nagging at me for over 20 years.

I understand that Time is a significant factor in the presentation of this phenomena, even if I am not entirely sure of its role. Within a timeline, concepts like Time Dilation could explain UAPs ridiculous speeds and Brane-World for timeline travel.

My thoughts are that many of these UAPs aren’t engaged in Time Travel as we traditionally understand it – like the “Back to the Future” movie trilogy. Instead, they seem to act as a controlling mechanism that can manipulate or navigate between different timelines or make edits as needed. These timelines aren’t all perfectly aligned, and, depending on one’s perspective, this misalignment can create an impression of time travel. A more accurate description of some UAP would be a “Jumper”, where they can jump in between nearly identical worlds. This could be described as Quantum Jumping.

You and I, for now, appear to live in a plural reality with spiritual dimensions in control.

While it may seem that we are all traveling together in the same reality, this is both an illusion and a perception. You have the ability to question this version of reality and even shift to different timelines or manifest new experiences. Each of us, in our own unique ways, possesses these capabilities.

Paradoxically, all possibilities both exist and don’t exist simultaneously. Plural realities exist superimposed on each other but also interact with each other. Through different realities, our understanding of the past, present, and future is continuously written and rewritten, reflecting a narrative in constant flux.

In actual physics this is called String Theory. String theory’s central tenet is that the universe is composed of one-dimensional “strings,” each vibrating at its own distinct frequency to give rise to different particles and forces. The notion that we don’t all inhabit the same timeline—akin to not being on the same “temporal strand”—is a gesture toward the multiple dimensions and universes contemplated in string theory. In string theory, strings influence each other through their vibrations.

I am uncertain as to when the exact moment or how these alterations took place. This did happen sometime after my interaction with the UFO at age 18. My guess is that it happened sometime between 1999 to 2000 as I didn’t own the car until 1999. Some people are reporting another timeline shift in 2015, which is also the year I received ‘The Message‘.

This is not confabulation as people from this timeline would like you to believe. The Many-Worlds Interpretation seems to allow timelines or strings as per the piano analogy to resonate until they don’t and then reality returns to singularity. There appears to be some type of expansion and collapse process in the creation of strings (various outcomes) which is our perception of reality and singularity which is our consensus of reality.

To be clear, on my timeline that I lived, these Time Edit details were noisy and made sure that we took note of them. The phenomena is tampering with details in our timelines and this has left a clear trail of evidence. Some people have called this The Mandela Effect. Fiona Broome publicly coined the term in 2010. I was experiencing these effects, all through the early 2000s. At times this gives some of us a feeling that our history has retroactively changed and our reality has been tampered with.

This applies not just to the widely recognized stories in the public domain, but also to episodes from my private life. The transformations in my personal realm are profound. The phenomena at work here operate in puzzling and unexpected ways. It is a very difficult task to prove to anyone about changes in my private life when the evidence and the consensus changes with it. Perhaps this is one reason why such matters are classified by governments. How can we verify alterations when the evidence within the timeline morphs along with them?

I know that some people on social media are speculating about UFOs saving us in the event of a World War III. However, if your consciousness is in a timeline where the world is destined to end, then I think it will end. Edits can happen on a massive scale—up to and including alterations to our world map. While it’s likely that some versions of our timeline would continue, it’s uncertain what or who would remain and why and how. I believe we do have some control to jump to new timelines because they do exist and we do control how we choose to live our lives. You can question this version of reality. I think we all agree that the current trajectory of our world is unsustainable as we simply can’t get along. When you think about it deeply, you can see how it was all set up for failure.

Explaining this concept to others is immensely challenging. The work of the Phenomena is next level. Touché Phenomena – Touché.

Beings, UFOs, Crop Circles, Poltergeists, and Timeline Shifts are all related and baffling phenomena. I believe that many people can relate to the Timeline Shifts part of the phenomena, but not everyone.

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