What is the Phenomenon?

Abducted Blonde Hair Boys

2.3 My Alien Abduction Story

The reality of abductions is a concept that, if accepted, inherently acknowledges the existence of advanced technology, and by extension, the entities responsible for creating such technology. Acknowledging a single instance of these creators implies the existence of entire alien civilizations, given that sophisticated technology typically necessitates a society with complex knowledge and resources.

I get it; acknowledging the reality of alien abductions takes the belief in UFO existence to an entirely different level. It’s on the far end of the spectrum when considering acceptance of UFO phenomena.

Dr. John E. Mack’s position as a respected professor at Harvard Medical School lent an unprecedented level of credibility to the often-marginalized topic of alien abductions. Through rigorous clinical evaluations and in-depth interviews, he found patterns and consistencies among abductees’ testimonies. Instead of dismissing these experiences as mere fantasies, he championed the idea that they had a tangible impact on the individuals, often manifesting as psychological traumas akin to post-traumatic stress disorder. His groundbreaking book, “Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens”, gave a voice to many who felt silenced and stigmatized. For countless individuals who believed they had experienced encounters of the extraterrestrial kind, Mack’s research served as a beacon, validating their experiences and pushing forward the discourse on the nature of reality and consciousness. His work not only changed the narrative around alien abductions but also created a safe space for abductees to share their stories without fear of ridicule.

From my perspective, the phenomenon suggests advanced technology, while the act of abducting people, placing them on a plinth, and then returning them appears surprisingly low-tech.

Can you imagine the logistics of taking people and then returning them to the right address and time? It truly doesn’t make sense. Why wouldn’t the Beings take their equipment to the human instead of bringing the human to them?

The genuine narrative lies with the Beings themselves. When they want to be seen, they will come extremely close to you.

So here is my story, of my 1st up-close and personal experience, when I was around 5 years old. It starts off with going to bed and it feels like it should be a dream. It is remembered as an experience. I have no idea how I got there, but I am awake, and it is real. This is the first part that might throw you off, because you could just say it is a vivid dream or sleep paralysis. But this is different, I am awake. Yes, I went to sleep, but I did not wake up in my bed. Yes, it should be a dream, but it is not. There is intentional obfuscation to make it appear a dream, while it is clearly not. Memory of dreams come and go quickly; real experiences and memories can stay with you for a lifetime. I am 99% certain that I was awake and present. I did not wake up in my bed. I woke up in a realm on a plinth.

I had a very good look at the ship and what makes this different than a dream is the detail. To be clear, it’s uncertain whether it was an actual ship or some sort of structure, as it displayed curved metallic features. The presence of windows was not apparent – instead, there were immaculately formed and shaped metal surfaces. The interior of this structure boasted a silver hue with molded, contoured, and seamless designs throughout. A sense of cleanliness and minimalism pervaded the vessel.

When we imagine a destination, our minds usually go to familiar methods of travel like cars, planes, trains, and rockets. We tend to be limited by our own experiences and beliefs, overlooking the possibility that there might be other ways to travel and hidden paths we can’t see, leading to places we haven’t yet discovered. Somehow, someway, I ended up traveling, materializing or appearing in a new destination.

I will use the terms: vessel, ship, structure, craft, vehicle interchangeably as I am uncertain about the true nature of the object I appear to be inside of. I think of it as an exotic vessel.

The room which I felt like I was in, was huge with many contoured metal plinths – as far as my eyes could see. The plinths were very spaced out and warm. On each plinth there was one small male child. Not babies but young male children. The children all laid on these plinths motionless but seemed alive.

The boys that I could see all had blonde hair. I think all these boys were sleeping and probably have no idea that they got abducted. But if something happens, and you don’t observe it or remember it, did it actually happen. This was the reality for most of these kids.

Large Room Full of Blonde Hair Boys laying on Plinths
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