What is the Phenomenon?

3. Metallic Spheres / White Oval Balls Travel

The travelling baseballs I saw as a kid, kind of looked like what was recorded in Poland. I have never seen one hover before, I always saw them moving very fast. I speculate that this video could be real. I never had a zoom lens or binoculars so perhaps these objects hover high enough so they cant be seen with the naked eye when they choose to hover.

The Betz Family ball also known as the Betz Sphere is similar to what I saw. It was found in 1974. As a kid in 1978 and 1979, I saw these same objects flying around the farm. At first glance, I know it doesn’t look like much, but these spheres have an ability to change their shape.

Thank God this video exists as it is one of the best examples to illustrate what I saw. I only ever saw the ball outdoors where it is shiny. The faster it moved the more oval and white it was in shape and color. It moved like how a baseball moves. You can literally take a baseball and throw it in the park and then imagine it hopping from player to player. That is how these balls move and I know this with 99% certainty. I speculate that this ball is real because this is what I saw close up but moving fast. The balls I saw as a kid were generally this size or larger. I saw them almost everyday, in daylight, during the summers on the farm as a kid.

Sometimes I would see the ball hop towards me and then away from me. Most of the time, I did not see it hopping towards me, I would only see it hopping away from me, giving me the feeling that I threw it. At times it felt like a game, where I could influence which direction it travelled. It was bizarre.

I would love to know the where bout’s of this ball. This sphere is the physical proof of my story. I never got to touch one. I do not believe the military would allow you to take it home and just keep it in your closet after you reported it to them especially if they already know what it is. This is a type of ufo, ship, probe, sphere, oval, orb or whatever you want to call it. This is what they look like. I never saw anything in a saucer shape. I have only seen these balls bend into an oval shape – they appear to have the ability to change their shapes.

Let’s also not forget about the Jim Marlin sphere. Where did it go?

Over the years, there have been many witnesses that have seen saucers dropping metallic spheres. One incident occurred in 1974 in the French village of Cergy-Pontoise. It is called Cergy-Pontoise metallic sphere incident. Witnesses reported seeing a saucer-shaped craft with a metallic sphere at the bottom hovering in the sky. The sphere detached from the craft and floated to the ground, where it emitted a bright light before disappearing.

In 1976, a similar incident occurred in Australia. Witnesses reported seeing a saucer-shaped craft hovering over a pasture before dropping a metallic sphere. The sphere appeared to emit a humming sound before the craft flew away.

Flotilla sightings refer to a type of Multi-Spheroid sighting in which a group of objects appears to be moving in a coordinated or intelligent manner. The term “flotilla” is often used to describe sightings of UAPs that are reported to be moving in formation, changing direction abruptly, or otherwise displaying behaviors that suggest intelligent control. I never saw a Flotilla. Even though I have seen different types of spheres, I only ever saw them one at a time.

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