What is the Phenomenon?

1. Phenomena are Real.

I am a Canadian who places trust in our former Defence Minister and whistleblower, Paul Hellyer. His claims resonate with my own observations. He has openly stated that there are ‘Nordic blondes and also the Tall Whites who were actually working with the US Air Force in Nevada.’ These descriptions vividly match the Beings I’ve encountered: blonde-haired, blue-eyed alien children and tall adults. Hellyer’s words affirm my experiences, and I don’t consider him or myself to be misguided. Though it’s a challenging notion, it mirrors a peculiar reality I’ve confronted.

Furthermore, Charles Hall, an ex-serviceman of the U.S. Air Force, has provided his accounts of the Tall Whites. He characterizes them as humanoids with ‘pale skin, white hair, and blue eyes,’ a description stemming from his observations at the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. His detailed testimonies add another layer to the unusual yet significant encounters reported.

I’ve seen these Beings and their crafts, so it’s safe to say that some can be described and identified. I will describe what they look like, as well as the appearance of their craft both inside and out. The real question is, what should we call them, and what do they call themselves? What naming convention should we, as humans who love calling things names, adopt to establish a consensus reality?

I can’t say for certain where they come from, or how many different kinds there are, but they are here on Earth. I promise you that.

I admit, accepting the notion that these unidentified crafts originate from distant locations, alternate dimensions, parallel universes, or have coexisted with us throughout history can be challenging. The unexplained Phenomena might be remnants of ancient civilizations that once inhabited Earth or its vicinity. These entities could potentially share our planet in a manner distinct from how we inhabit it. Our concerns extend beyond just the crafts, as the Beings associated with them may be classified as extraordinary, extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, cryptoterrestrials, or an entirely different category of life.

There appear to be multiple explanations for the Phenomena because there might be many types showing their presence in different ways. I think I saw at least 1 type, but there maybe 4 types according to Paul Hellyer and possibly dozens and dozens more according to Robert Dean and other witnesses. Is it possible, that the human brain is not yet wired to think about all this strangeness? How could our thinking be so primitive and unaware of what is going on around us for so long?

The idea that there are huge numbers of unknown hypersonic metallic spheres and other objects could be worrisome. I have personally seen hundreds of these spheres or the same spheres hundreds of times as my story below will get into. Some witnesses have reported objects larger than football fields. Concerns about the hardware pale in comparison to the potentially vast civilizations they could symbolize.

Just as the visible portion of an iceberg hints at a far larger, unseen structure beneath the surface, acknowledging the existence of UFO hardware similarly necessitates the recognition of intelligent entities as their creators. This realization, in turn, inherently suggests the existence of their corresponding civilizations, hidden beneath the surface of our knowledge.

There appears to be a type of battle between hostile and protective forces where some Beings appear Benevolent and others Malevolent toward humans. Cataclysms seem to be a persistent worry, suggesting a cyclic pattern to our existence and hinting at some sort of orchestration of our reality.

It is possible that this topic is related to aspects of our consciousness and metaphysical realm that we don’t yet understand which makes this topic confusing and almost incomprehensible.

Are you waiting for official acknowledgement or disclosure? Why wait? This is your journey, and you have a pivotal role to play because it is your journey. Your progress is in your hands.

It appears that only some of us have started to become self-aware; some can even manifest favor, whereas others struggle to grasp any of this. Only you hold the key to your own truth. No one else can unlock it for you, because your journey starts from within. To be clear, your journeys are your journeys, your timelines are your timelines. You choose how you feel and approach life. The Phenomena is about You. It’s not about who you think you are; it’s about understanding what you truly are.

While doubts and insecurities may cloud your thoughts at times, they don’t encapsulate your true self. You are, and have always been, a Being of intellect, heart, and undeniable courage. Yet, be wary, for there are forces intent on dividing you from us, even if it means bending time itself.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
-Mark Twain

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