What is the Phenomenon?

Evidence of Blonde Aliens

5. Some Phenomena are attracted to Children

5.1 In 1974 in the Netherlands, a Blonde Hair child is describing a UFO as a Tennis Ball. His story hits close to home as I see the same thing a few years later. He even had the same white blonde hair as me. You wouldn’t believe how close him and I look when I was his age.

5.2 The narrative of Jesse Long’s abduction in 1962 profoundly unsettles me, given its striking similarities and distinctions when compared to my own experiences. Again blonde hair, it’s astonishing, you wouldn’t believe how close him and I look when I was his younger age.

5.3 Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is a former city councilwoman in Miami, Florida, who claims to have had a series of extraterrestrial encounters when she was a child. According to Rodriguez Aguilera, she was abducted by Beings from another planet when she was 7 years old, and she has described the Beings as tall and blond with long hair, blue eyes, and elongated bodies.

6. Many other Witnesses have seen the Blonde Hair Aliens

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defense, was known for his outspoken views on extraterrestrial life. He specifically discussed the existence of “Tall Whites” and “Nordic Blondes,” two types of extraterrestrial beings that he believed were closely interacting with humanity. Hellyer claimed that these beings had integrated seamlessly into society, with the Tall Whites allegedly collaborating with the U.S. military in Nevada. He shared anecdotes about their advanced abilities to blend in, such as Tall White women, disguised as nuns, shopping undetected in Las Vegas, to illustrate their covert operations on Earth.

6.1 On July 17, 1954, Jessie Roestenberg in Staffordshire, England observed blonde hair aliens. It is one of the few cases where a UFO sighting was accompanied by physical evidence, in the form of burn marks on the ground where the object was observed.

6.2 The Dutton, Montana UFO Crash of 1953, was witnessed by Cecil M. Tenny. Tenny, initially observing smoke from a mountain, later saw a cigar-shaped UFO. After reporting this to the Montana state police and recounting his story at a local bar, he was brought to Malmstrom AFB for interrogation. There, he witnessed humanoid bodies, about 7 feet tall, with distinctive features such as long blond hair, elongated Asiatic eyes, and pale skin.

6.3 One well-known example of a blonde-haired alien encounter occurred in 1954 in Massena, New York. A man named William B. Squyres reported seeing a UFO and encountering two humanoid Beings with blonde hair who communicated with him telepathically. The Beings reportedly told Squyres that they were from another planet and were visiting Earth to gather information.

6.4 The 1977 Broad Haven UFO Incident, also known as the Dyfed Triangle Incident, is an alleged UFO sighting that occurred in the village of Broad Haven, Wales. A group of schoolchildren from Broad Haven Primary School reported seeing a silver cigar-shaped craft and strange Beings with blonde hair in the nearby field during their lunch break on February 4, 1977.

6.5 In 1965, Charles Hall, describes the “Tall Whites” as having a humanoid appearance with elongated features, pale skin, white hair, large blue eyes that are slightly slanted.

6.6 Throughout history, the Norse Gods and Heroes were described as blonde, Greek Gods and Goddesses were described as blonde and even Jesus Christ was described as blonde as a child.

6.7 Amy Rylance appears to have blonde hair and got abducted.

6.8 In the “WPAFB Twin Humanoid Case” of 1959, bodies were examined of two humanoid entities at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, highlighting their unique elongated blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

6.9 George Adamski is often considered one of the earliest and most famous UFO contactees, especially in the post-World War II era when UFO sightings and interest surged. In 1952, George Adamski claimed an encounter with an extraterrestrial Being in the California desert. Adamski described Orthon as a humanoid with long blonde hair, dressed in a jumpsuit.

6.10 Howard Menger, an early UFO contactee in the 1950s, asserted that he interacted with extraterrestrials bearing a striking resemblance to humans, with features that could be likened to those of Nordic descent with blonde hair.

6.11 Peter Khoury described an encounter with a blonde female being with milky white skin, a longer face, and larger eyes. The being communicated with him telepathically and engaged in physical contact. The experience left him with physical evidence in the form of hair samples, which he later submitted for DNA analysis.

6.12 In 1976, Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt experienced a series of encounters near Winchester, Hampshire, including sighting an egg-shaped object and a tall, bearded figure with long blonde hair, leading to memory loss and unexplained time gaps.

6.13 Travis Walton recounts wandering inside a spacecraft where he met beings about six feet two inches tall, with muscular builds and blondish-brown hair, resembling the “Nordic type” aliens. Dressed in velvety, close-fitting blue uniforms and clear spherical helmets, these human-like entities, including a female, guided him silently through the ship, smiling benignly but not responding to his questions. After being led to a room with three more of these beings, Walton was gently placed on a table and anesthetized, later waking up near Heber, Arizona.

6.14 Alfred O’Donnell, an employee at EG&G (Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier, Inc.), made a striking claim in 1990 that a flying saucer was recovered in New Mexico, which also contained a “live being.” He described this being as resembling former Presidential nominee Ross Perot. This comparison suggests that the extraterrestrial might have had features similar to Perot’s childhood appearance, which included blonde hair and blue eyes.

6.15 The Aztec UFO Incident, near Aztec, New Mexico, in 1948. According to detailed accounts, the 31-foot diameter craft, remarkably intact except for a small hole in its transparent dome, held an astonishing secret: the bodies of 12 small humanoid beings. These beings, described as having human-like features, stood about three and a half feet tall with light hair and blue eyes. They could pass as small human adults or children.

6.16 During the 1933 crash in Italy, two entities were recovered, each measuring around 7 feet tall, characterized by blonde hair and prominent foreheads. The Beings were described as male, exceptionally tall, with long blonde hair, vast foreheads, and strikingly blue eyes with an Asiatic touch. They had small noses, mouths, and chins with thin lips and a very fair skin complexion. They weren’t human, at least not by our understanding. This narrative is primarily based on two accounts from Wright-Patterson regarding these alleged Beings.

6.17 In a 1988 interview, John Lear discussed the existence of the “Nordics,” a species of extraterrestrials characterized by their human-like appearance, standing approximately seven feet tall with blond hair and blue eyes. He mentioned that these beings are distinct among the various alien species encountered by humans and that at least one of their crashes had been recovered, with bodies preserved “on ice” for study.

6.18 In 2009, described as the Men in Black Niagara Falls Ontario Incident, two unusual individuals were captured on surveillance footage at the Sheraton Hotel. They were of identical height, dressed similarly in black suits, trench coats, and fedora hats. Their skin was notably pale, and they had remarkably similar facial features, resembling twins. Staff members found their appearance intimidating, noting their lack of eyebrows and eyelashes, wig-like hair, and large, hypnotic blue eyes. They reportedly did not blink and seemed to have a thought-reading ability, adding to the staff’s unease.

6.19 Antônio Villas-Boas in 1957, described encountering a female alien who was significantly shorter than the average human, standing at about four feet tall. She had long, almost white hair, high cheekbones, and striking blue eyes that were slanted, giving her a distinctive appearance. Villas-Boas recounted being taken aboard a UFO, where he underwent a series of medical examinations and was then led to a small room. There, he encountered the female being, with whom he had a forced intimate encounter, which he interpreted as part of an extraterrestrial experiment or breeding program.

6.20 Ronald Garner recounts a significant anecdote involving Edward Teller, a prominent physicist known as the “father of the hydrogen bomb.” Garner shares that Bill Uhouse, an engineer involved in reverse engineering projects related to extraterrestrial technology, revealed that Edward Teller had an encounter at Los Alamos with two beings from a different star system, known as “Nordics” in ufology for their blond hair and blue eyes. Reportedly, these beings imparted their advanced scientific knowledge to Edward Teller, thereby connecting our civilization with theirs.

6.21 Lynda Jones appears to have blonde hair and got abducted.

6.22 In the 1957 Cynthia Appleton incident, she encountered a tall figure with blonde hair, described as resembling a “Nordic” type alien. This meeting included a unique interaction where the being used a gesture to create what appeared to be a holographic display, a concept far ahead of its time for the 1950s.

If you have blonde hair or blue eyes or have both, I suspect that you haven’t been told the truth, but some of you probably already knew this didn’t you? What has your intuition told you?

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