What is the Phenomenon?

2.2 Metallic Spheres on the Farm

It validated my other two experiences which I did not share with anyone. When I was younger than 5, I lived on a farm, and I use to see sphere/oval shaped silver/white objects in the sky frequently during the day. I never saw them at night, as I was not outside much at night. During daylight, they silently scrolled across the sky at various heights, for many years. Some of them were very low to the ground but they were always very fast and could only be seen within a blink of an eye. At times, it felt as though I was the one who was throwing a very fast white oval shaped baseball – but I wasn’t. I saw them almost every day for as long as I can remember. The objects sometimes visually appear to bend from spherical to flattened oval shape and from shiny metallic to white. The faster the ball, the more oval and white it was. Slower balls were spherical and had a shiny metallic appearance. As they sped up, they turned white and became oval in shape. Slower silver spheres were clearly visible to my eyes while their faster white oval state was blurry. The speed of these objects is hard to explain to people, because there isn’t anything else like this. The sizes of the spheres were typically from 1 to 2 feet (I saw close up) which were common to 10 feet (I saw from a distance) which were less common.

These images are very accurate. (I did my best to draw it using Dall-E)

This is back in around 1978. I don’t know why I could see these things when my brothers could not. The objects were always long gone, before you could even say, ”did you see that”. I never saw them hover, they always moved very fast and always travelled like how a baseball travels. At the time, I thought maybe they only existed within my eyeballs. To be clear, the spheres seemed like they are almost everywhere. When one zipped by and disappeared, another one would be on its way. A sphere makes no sound and can travel at ludicrous speeds. When they travel so fast, that they almost become undetectable by my eyes, they are dark and flat. Shiny metallic when slow, white when fast, but dark when ludicrous. The object appears in three different shapes – a sphere, an oval, and a pancake-like form – each dependent on its speed. I told my mom. I thought they weren’t real – how could they possibly be.

If someone were to ask me about my certainty regarding the metallic spheres I saw as a kid, I would confidently assert that I am 100% certain of the event, and I solemnly swear to its truthfulness.

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