What is the Phenomenon?

4. Some Phenomena make Crop Circles

As a child from my experience, this is what the moving white balls look like. The faster the spherical silver balls move the more oval and white they become. I never personally saw them create a crop circle. From my perspective, it is not hard to believe that these balls can make patterns because I have seen how fast they can travel. This is one of the videos that I have seen that shows what the balls look like when they travel.

I do not believe that the elaborate crop circles are created by humans. I speculate that this video could be real.

The Hampshire Flyer has done a great job of doing flyovers and recordings of crop circles. Here is that example of a square in a circle then brilliantly within the square there are squares in a circle. The squares and circles have a meaning.

They are more than just designs, they can be symbols. When I was a kid, I was able to interpret the blonde hair alien unspoken messages of symbols naturally into an impression and instinctual feeling. I speculate that our brains can directly process patterns of symbols skipping the need for language. The patterns I remembered at around 6 years of age and 40 years of age contained circles and squares plus other patterns. Some of these crop circles I speculate are symbols of how blonde hair aliens communicate with each other and possibly a communication to us.

Notice that the crop circle has a Square inside the Circle, in three dimensions it is a Cube inside a Sphere. A lot of these crop circles are to be imagined in 3D, not 2D. There have also been significant crop circles with messages including: Crabwood Alien Crop Circle and the  Chilbolton Crop Circle.

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