Evil Spirits aka Demons

The video by ‘Shield of the Son Productions’ reveals a complex narrative, encompassing a broad range of topics from aliens and demons to historical events and secret government activities. The central theme revolves around the assertion that beings perceived as aliens are, in fact, interdimensional entities. These beings are portrayed as deceptive, disguising their true origins and intentions, which are suggested to be malevolent.

Portals are depicted as gateways or openings, allowing interdimensional beings, often referred to as aliens or demons, to traverse between their dimension and ours. The concept of these portals is tied to various historical and spiritual contexts, suggesting that they have been a part of human history and occult practices for a long time.

The beings using these portals are portrayed as having the ability to influence events on Earth, interact with human societies, and even manipulate human perception and understanding of reality. The portals themselves are described as more than mere physical gateways; they are depicted as having a spiritual or mystical aspect, possibly created or accessed through specific rituals or esoteric knowledge.

Portals act as a crucial mechanism for interdimensional beings to enter and influence our world, blending the boundaries between physical reality, spirituality, and otherworldly dimensions.

Historical and military events, particularly those involving figures like Hitler and episodes like World War II, are linked to these entities, implying a covert intertwining of earthly and extraterrestrial affairs. This connection extends to allegations of widespread government collusion in concealing the true nature of these beings and their advanced technologies.

The narrative looks into the concept of ancient, highly sophisticated civilizations that possessed technology far surpassing current human achievements. This includes references to pyramids and spacecraft, suggesting a historical legacy of otherworldly interaction and knowledge. Additionally, spiritual and biblical references are interwoven throughout, with a particular emphasis on the idea that these so-called aliens are in reality demonic or evil spirits, as described in religious texts.

A significant portion of the discussion focuses on the Apollo missions, especially the Apollo 20 mission, which is claimed to have uncovered alien ships and bodies on the moon. These discoveries are presented as evidence of ancient alien civilizations and their advanced technologies.

The Apollo 20 mission is not officially recognized by NASA.

Among the astronauts referenced is Dr. Edgar Mitchell, known for his participation in the Apollo 14 mission. He has made statements about the existence of aliens and a government cover-up. Dr. Mitchell is described as believing in the visitation of Earth by aliens and in the U.S. government’s concealment of evidence related to an alien spacecraft and bodies found in the desert in 1947.

During the alleged Apollo 20 mission, astronauts on this mission encountered an alien spacecraft and a female body on the moon. These astronauts, documented their findings through film and conducted investigations, which included examining the alien body and collecting various notes and technology from the spacecraft. The astronauts were reportedly astonished by the advanced nature of the technology and the far-reaching implications of their discoveries.

The astronauts reported numerous phenomena on the moon, such as exploring ancient ruins, alien technology, and signs of advanced civilizations. They are said to have encountered structures, vehicles, and other artifacts indicative of a historical presence of extraterrestrial beings on the moon.

Government secrecy and cover-up strategies are a recurring theme, hinting at a global conspiracy involving world leaders and secret societies. This extends to the suppression of information about interdimensional life and advanced technologies, portraying a world where the truth is deliberately kept from the public.

The narrative also explores the themes of transformation and transhumanism, suggesting that these interdimensional beings possess the ability to alter their form and that human beings might be enhanced or modified using advanced technology. This part of the discussion points to a blending of human and alien characteristics and capabilities.

Fallen angels are portrayed as powerful and supernatural entities with the ability to transform themselves. They are described as not just spiritual beings but also beings possessing advanced technological capabilities, which allow them to manifest in various forms, including as what are commonly perceived to be UFOs or other advanced spacecraft.

These fallen angels have the power to disguise themselves in numerous ways, such as transforming into different objects, including vehicles or other entities. This ability to transform is depicted as a significant aspect of their interaction with humans. There is a connection between these fallen angels and historical events or figures, hinting at their participation or influence in human affairs over the centuries. The fallen angels are linked with deceptive activities, often changing their stories or appearances to manipulate human perception.

The video describes an intriguing scenario where UFOs, associated with the activities of fallen angels, have the ability to transform into various forms, including that of a dragon-type creature. This transformation is not limited to a single form; the narrative suggests that these UFOs can morph into different shapes, oscillating between the appearance of a conventional UFO and that of a dragon or other creature, and then back again.

  1. Fallen Angels: Fallen angels are more powerful and a have a broader range of transformational abilities. They are depicted as capable of manifesting in various forms rapidly, including transforming into objects like spacecraft or other entities. Their ability to change forms is portrayed as sophisticated, allowing them to disguise themselves effectively. The fallen angels are also described as being able to maintain their chosen form or shape for extended periods before they need to revert or change.
  2. Demons: On the other hand, demons are portrayed as having more limited transformational abilities compared to fallen angels. They are described as often maintaining a specific form and dissipating more quickly than fallen angels. Demons might not possess the same level of power or capability to alter their appearance as the fallen angels do.

The events described in the Book of Enoch, particularly regarding the interactions between humans and powerful supernatural entities, are not just ancient history but are also occurring in current times. This narrative posits that the same or similar types of entities (referred to as fallen angels, demons, or extra-dimensional beings) that were active during Enoch’s era are still influencing and interacting with the modern world.

The ancient world, as described in the Book of Enoch, was highly advanced and that similar advanced technologies and occurrences are present today. It suggests that the fallen angels or similar beings are involved in current global affairs, influencing leaders and playing a role in various events, much as they supposedly did in the past. This includes the idea of spiritual warfare, the interaction between human beings and these supernatural entities, and the concealment of their existence and activities from the general public.

The ‘Shield of the Son Productions’ video presents a complex narrative that blends elements of historical events and supernatural phenomena. Central to this narrative is the idea that entities perceived as aliens are actually deceptive interdimensional beings with malevolent intentions. These beings use portals, which are more than physical gateways, to influence human history and manipulate perceptions.

Historical and military events, including those related to World War II, are linked to these entities, suggesting a hidden interplay between human and extraterrestrial activities. Advanced ancient civilizations and biblical references are woven into the narrative, hinting at a long-standing interaction between humans and these beings.

The video challenges official accounts of the Apollo missions, particularly highlighting an alleged Apollo 20 mission, suggesting a history of government secrecy around encounters. Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s beliefs about alien visitations and government cover-ups are mentioned as supporting evidence. The themes of transformation and transhumanism are explored, portraying fallen angels and demons as powerful entities with shape-shifting abilities, further blurring the lines between reality, spirituality, and other dimensions.