What is the Phenomenon?

Who among us, present or soon to arrive, possesses the insights necessary to guide us through this crucial juncture?

My ability to articulate my modest contribution to understanding this Phenomenon is greatly indebted to the invaluable wisdom and insights of numerous UFO advocates. These individuals have dedicated portions of their lives, often guided by intuition, to the exploration of this realm. Although there is no perfect public explanation yet, no one explains unidentified Phenomena better than Robert Dean did more than 30 years ago. He did his best to explain it.

2. My UFO Story.

‘Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.’

I am going to attempt to describe experiences that seem beyond my comprehension.

I will follow my intuition in describing this. I swear to God that my story appears true to me from my perspective. This is a true story.

If you find yourself skeptical, I completely understand; indeed, I harbor skepticism even towards my own story. You might wonder how one can doubt their own experiences, but I assure you, it is entirely possible.

Keep in mind, I am specifically referring to the kind I have personally experienced. I do not believe that my experience with this particular type or kind can be generalized to the many other kinds of Beings that others encounter.

Many of the encounters described by UFO Experiencers are different, which could indicate they are experiencing different aspects of the phenomena or perhaps completely different phenomenon.

Over 40 years ago, my experience began in a way that was perhaps uniquely personal. To be clear, I saw other people so I know the experience was not unique to me but remembering it in the way I have maybe is. From my perspective, a type of phenomenon seems to come and go throughout my life. I seem to have some type of ongoing relationship with this phenomenon. It is a relationship that I never asked for, wanted or needed.

I do know that, if they didn’t want me to see them, I wouldn’t have seen them.

But I don’t actually know why I have this relationship, and I don’t know how all the pieces fit together. My story is just 1 small piece of a much larger puzzle and it is all confusing to me so I imagine it could be confusing for you as well.

I did a 23andme DNA test, I am human. My ancestry is 76% from Hesse, Germany and 24% British & Irish. I am not a complete idiot, as I have a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s degree from two Ontario Universities. I am an introverted person and I can think critically. I went to church growing up and I understand the basics of religious values but I am no Bible thumper.

I have conflicting emotions about the UFO subject, and sometimes I wish I weren’t involved – after all, who would volunteer for such a connection where you face only public ridicule?

I don’t wish to suggest that I am anything special. I believe this happens to many people; they simply don’t remember it or think it is a dream or not real.

In my view, the visible aspects of a UFO are merely the tip of the iceberg, which extends far beyond our observational capacities, potentially encompassing advanced technologies, a variety of Sentient Beings, and other inexplicably occult phenomena.

The term ‘Phenomena’, encapsulates a broad category that includes various UFO hardware, diverse Beings, and other unexplained occult occurrences. You know, when I talk about “unidentified phenomena,” I’m really just saying that I have no idea what I’m dealing with. It’s a weird situation – kind of like knowing a secret that’s absolutely real but everybody else thinks you’re making it up. If this isn’t a curse, than what is?

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that I got a glimpse of the truth and experienced this first-hand. In some ways it was like getting a unwanted gift and as I’ve gotten older, I have come to accept it as valuable because it is the truth. But this gift has been disruptive to my life. The gift is not to know there are UFOs, the gift is to know that there are other Beings.

People tend to emphasize what’s visible, often neglecting the unseen. The real narrative, however, revolves around the Beings involved. The Beings are the real story. The physical traces, like hardware, are merely breadcrumbs left on this path.

Picture a deer in a forest. People may focus on the footprints it leaves behind, on the broken twigs, or the nibbled leaves – these are obvious signs of its existence. However, these physical traces are just fragments of the true story. The real essence is the deer itself – living, breathing, moving through the woods. In the same way, while people might concentrate on the tangible evidence, like a sighting, it’s the Beings themselves who hold the true narrative, the deeper mystery. These artifacts are just clues left behind on their mysterious path.

I have no desire to be a talking head about UFOs because it is embarrassing and I think it could ruin my life as my story wouldn’t be acceptable. I also don’t know where or how I could even fit in. With this story, I have never been able to fit in. I don’t even know or understand why I am involved in this. You might be wondering the same.

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