What is the Phenomenon?

How might I further contribute to the intriguing discussion on the phenomenon where individuals drawing nearer to the truth experience increased discrediting and retaliation? I admit, I am unclear for what the phenomena is asking of me or why I am involved.

I don’t have any physical evidence to present, although I do have an artifact from a time edit; my role is primarily that of a witness. I have observed the Beings and their vessels and have written down everything I wanted to share and have provided drawings. In the court of law, drawings are demonstrative evidence. Why aren’t these personal accounts of abduction encounters, along with this type of evidence, considered foundational scientific discoveries?

Many foundational scientific discoveries were made before the modern system of peer review was established. Scientists like Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, James Clerk Maxwell, Galileo Galilei, and Marie Curie worked in a different time when observation, note taking and drawings were accepted as scientific study.

My hope is that my account will encourage anyone who does have concrete evidence to come forward and disclose it. This is a calling. But, can you cite an example of someone who has publicly discussed this phenomenon and still managed to lead a good life?

My heart really goes out to whistleblowers, who are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I get it, when you have been exposed to the phenomena, it changes you. My perspective is so warped relative to everyone else I have met and whistleblowers might feel the same. The choice – what reality should we live in? Can you imagine? The One.

The One who tells the World the truth and the World listens. Everyone who has tried has failed.

I cringe when I hear others attempting to talk about UFOs, as they miss the bigger picture.

Even though my story is long, it is difficult to tell you everything because it is distracting and might make you, the reader, lose interest because it sounds impossible. The complete story involves deeply unsettling examples of precognition, that is downright frightening and unhelpful to anyone. I really have no desire to muddy the waters on this topic any more than it already is or to create even more confusion. Some of my story, wouldn’t be acceptable to tell at all – even here.

My internal conflict occurs, because I know the phenomenon is real, it is much weirder than people think, and our civilization is destine to have major problems ahead because of ‘The Others’ influence both intentional and unintentional.

The phrase ‘The Others’ or ‘The Other Kinds’ or ‘Beings’ or ‘Entities’ or ‘The Custodians’ in my interpretation refers to all entities of non-human intelligence, disregarding any biological or species distinctions. This becomes a sensitive topic when extended to the human realm. We are familiar with various human races, but there are other races we haven’t all yet encountered. When is a human, non-human? What is it to be human?

If I choose to be honest and speak about this topic, people think you are nuts, and you can hear yourself talk and you know it sounds ridiculous. We are entirely unaware of our surroundings, as if everything is turned upside down for what is true and not true.

The main reasons I’m writing this, is to figure out what’s really going on: either I crossed paths with Beings or I didn’t. My secondary motivation, is to explain to friends and family, that my experience was not what they already have preconceived. I saw no saucer. I saw no grey aliens. My story is very difficult to explain to people because there is already an entrenched narrative built in with an eye roll.

My third motivation is based on more recent events which I will get into later. I feel like I have been literally called upon to post this information now as there appears to be a shift in the phenomena activity. As a parent of three children, my concern for their well-being is a constant worry. I’m aware that the presence of Beings and their vessels could have implications for their safety. The bottom line is, I am not sure which side is winning.

To be as direct as I can: The premonition is that the evil on earth will grow to proportions that the world has never seen.

I honestly thought this wouldn’t be my problem, not in my lifetime and not in my timeline. Something is wrong now, specifically in this timeline. What do UFOs and Beings have to do with timelines? Everything.

While withholding certain information like this can serve as a protective measure, there are times when sharing the truth is just as crucial for their well-being. The bottom line is, if this timeline goes to where I think it is going to go, how does my family and I optimize our progression to the next timeline for the least amount of suffering.

What good can come from sharing this, when I don’t completely understand it myself?

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

It’s been strange, thinking about this for so long but never really accepting it. I don’t know if what I’m doing here will help much, but at least I tried to explain some of it to those who care. People’s level of concern regarding this issue may be constrained by their comprehension of it, as it is possible that many individuals do not fully grasp the intricacies involved. In our inability to influence this situation, is it still ethical to share my personal experiences with those who may lack understanding? Could obliviousness be a kinder state?

I admit, I don’t have all the answers, just questions.

My own family have asked me if I’ve got any proof. I tell them, look, I was 4 to 6 years old, naked, paralyzed, and taken in someway out of my bed and into some type of realm. I’m sorry I couldn’t grab something from the vessel. I am also sorry I couldn’t catch a hypersonic metal sphere zooming by. I mean, what kind of proof is expected? I am a witness. What I’m saying is either true or it’s not.

All I want is for honesty and truth to always shine bright, no matter what. But the way our society works, it just isn’t set up for that, and it’s only going to get worse. The deterioration of this situation can, to a certain extent, be directly attributed to the actions of “The Others”.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” I will do my best and everyone else needs to as well. This is in fact critical and the root cause of all our future problems. The practice of swearing an oath can be traced back to ancient civilizations and for good reasons. I believe that we are viewed as a type of resource from the various phenomena’s perspective. A perspective, we can’t easily understand. The manner in which we conduct our lives and the influences we elect to follow carry significant importance. My intuition feels that in early 2015 something started to shift as my story will explain. The phenomena are real and they have conflicting agendas and we need honesty as our guiding light to move forward. There is a sense of deception where humans deceive each other, and it seems like the lies are compounding and becoming more intricate and originating from evil sources.

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