UFO Revolution – The Breakthrough Season 1 Episode 1 (S01:E01)

In the first episode of “UFO Revolution – The Breakthrough Season 1,” Jeremy Corbell presents an intriguing clip, previously shown in a censored form in a TMZ documentary, showcasing a Jellyfish UFO. This clip offers two perspectives of the UFO flying over both land and water. Corbell explains that the UFO was visible only through thermal imaging and not through night vision, highlighting its unique ability to shift between hot and cold temperatures. This characteristic is demonstrated in the footage, where the UFO alternates between appearing white and black, indicating its changing heat signature.

Corbell reveals his detailed observations and analysis. The UFO was captured on a thermal camera mounted on a weapons platform. The thermal imaging shows the UFO changing from white to black, signifying its fluctuating temperature. Corbell notes the anomaly of the optics platform being jammed, which hindered the targeting of the UFO, an unusual occurrence given the precision of these platforms. He managed to corroborate the event with direct eyewitnesses, who described the UFO’s appendages as stiff and scale-like, resembling armor.

Interestingly, the UFO was invisible to night vision technology, further emphasizing its unique thermal properties. The object’s appearance and behavior were of high interest, especially because it seemed to carry a payload, suggesting potential danger. The situation escalated when feeds observing the UFO were suddenly shut down, raising suspicions about the secrecy surrounding the incident.

The most striking part of Corbell’s account involves the UFO’s interaction with water. The object reportedly stopped abruptly over a body of water, descended into it, and remained submerged for 17 minutes before emerging and rapidly departing at a 45-degree angle. Corbell draws parallels between this sighting and other reports of UFOs at nuclear facilities, mentioning specific footage from inside the Pantex nuclear facility that showed a similar object.

The Pantex Plant, located in the Texas Panhandle, is a crucial facility in the United States’ nuclear security infrastructure. Initially constructed as a conventional bomb plant for the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II, the facility underwent several transformations before becoming the nation’s primary site for the assembly, disassembly, retrofit, and life-extension of nuclear weapons since 1975. The last new nuclear weapon was completed at Pantex in 1991, and since then, the plant has been actively engaged in the safe dismantlement of retired weapons from the military stockpile.

Corbell concludes by expressing his intrigue and dedication to uncovering the truth behind these mysterious sightings, despite the challenges and secrecy involved. This episode, through Corbell’s analysis and the unique characteristics of the Jellyfish UFO, adds a compelling chapter to the ongoing investigation and discussion surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena.

In the exciting series “UFO Revolution,” viewers are taken on a fascinating journey exploring unidentified flying objects and the mysteries surrounding them. The first episode, The Breakthrough (S01:E01), sets the stage by introducing groundbreaking theories and evidence in the field of UFO studies. This is followed by the second episode, The Truth Seekers (S01:E02), where experts and enthusiasts look deeper into the search for the truth behind UFO sightings. In the third episode, The Possibilities (S01:E03), the series explores the potential implications and scenarios in a world where UFOs are a reality. Complementing the series is the TMZ Presents: UFO Revolution Podcast, offering further insights and discussions on this endlessly intriguing topic.

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