Greatest Legislative Failure in American History

On December 11, 2023, David Grusch, a former Air Force Intelligence Officer turned whistleblower, appeared on NewsNation to make significant claims about the U.S. Government’s secretive activities. Grusch alleged that the government has been studying and reverse-engineering non-human original technical vehicles, commonly referred to as UFOs, since before World War II. According to him, this top-secret program involved spacecraft from another species.

Grusch shared that he was initially skeptical but was convinced after being approached by current and former senior intelligence officers who were part of this program. In his testimony before Congress, alongside other military veterans, he focused on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs), aiming to shed light on what the government knows about these occurrences.

In the interview, David Grusch discussed having firsthand knowledge of a government UFO program. He expressed his commitment to continue pushing for the release of more secrets to the public. Grusch stated that he does possess firsthand knowledge of the government’s UFO program and is preparing to release an op-ed containing new firsthand information. He mentioned that he couldn’t previously discuss this knowledge due to security review processes but now has some clearance to share what he knows.

Grusch’s anticipation to disclose this information stems from his desire to respond to critics who doubt the existence of firsthand evidence in his claims. He also hinted at the possibility of revealing photographic or video material related to the program, although specific details remain redacted due to legal constraints. Grusch’s revelations point to a broader issue of government transparency and the challenges faced in disclosing classified information to the public.

Expressing disappointment over recent legislative developments, Grusch highlighted the removal of key provisions for government transparency regarding UAPs from the annual defense spending bill. He emphasized the importance of government transparency in dealing with such sensitive information.

He also discussed the proposal of a neutral nine-person panel, part of an earlier amendment but not included in the final legislation. This panel was intended to determine the classification of sensitive information related to UAPs. Advocating for executive action due to what he described as the “greatest legislative failure in American history,” Grusch called for the establishment of an advisory body by the President’s office to guide actions following Congress’s failure to legislate appropriately on this issue.

NewsNation special correspondent Ross Coulthart expressed excitement about new firsthand information to be released by UFO whistleblower David Grusch. In a recent interview, Grusch vowed to continue his campaign to publicize government secrets, particularly regarding a UFO program. Coulthart, who first interviewed David and brought his revelations to light, is eager for Grusch’s forthcoming op-ed, which promises new firsthand information.

Coulthart has a strong sense of what Grusch might reveal, though he didn’t disclose specifics. He suspects it could involve photographic or video material. Emphasizing the credibility and urgency of Grusch’s previous disclosures to Congress, Coulthart pointed out the importance of the multiple witnesses who have come forward over the past two years to support Grusch’s allegations.

Discussing the recent legislative developments, Coulthart expressed frustration over the removal of a provision from a defense bill that would have mandated the declassification of information related to UFOs. He criticized the Pentagon and parts of the defense aerospace industry for their role in hindering transparency. Coulthart highlighted the lost opportunity for controlled disclosure of potentially the “biggest story in human history.”

Coulthart’s commentary underscores the ongoing struggle for transparency and the significant resistance faced by those trying to unveil government-held UFO secrets. He anticipates further discussions with David Grusch to address critics and look deeper into the leaked medical records aimed at discrediting Grusch.