Maria Orsic

Maria Orsic, born in Vienna in 1895, was a figure associated with the Vril Society, which was involved with esoteric concepts and metaphysical phenomena. She is often described as a medium who claimed to have received communications from extraterrestrial beings from the Aldebaran system.

The Aldebaran system is located in the constellation of Taurus, and it is the brightest star within this constellation. Aldebaran is approximately 65 light-years away from Earth and is a red giant star, meaning it is much larger and cooler than our Sun. It’s known by its official name Alpha Tauri and is sometimes referred to as the “Eye of Taurus” due to its bright, reddish appearance which makes it stand out in the night sky.

Orsic’s work had a significant impact on the German occult movement and was said to have influenced figures like Adolf Hitler.

Maria Orsic, born to a Croatian father from Zagreb and a mother from Vienna, was involved in the German national movement, which aimed to annex Austria to the German Reich. In 1917, she met with several occultists and influential figures, including Baron Rudolph von Sebottendorf and Prelate Gernot, in Vienna. These individuals had extensive knowledge of the Golden Dawn, Asian secret lodges, and were influenced by their travels and studies in India and Tibet.

The “Golden Dawn” refers to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society devoted to the study and practice of the occult, metaphysics, and paranormal activities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was one of the most influential and respected organizations in the domain of the Western mystery tradition. The Golden Dawn system was based on hierarchy and initiation similar to that of Freemasonry, and its teachings encompassed elements from a variety of sources, including Kabbalah, astrology, tarot, alchemy, and Hermeticism.

The “Asian secret lodges” refers to various esoteric and mystical groups or societies in Asia, particularly those associated with spiritual and occult practices. This could include a range of different traditions, sects, or groups within diverse Asian spiritual landscapes, such as certain branches of Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Tantra, or other local mystical practices. These groups often maintained secretive or hidden knowledge related to spiritual development, esoteric teachings, or mystical rituals.

According to some accounts, Maria Orsic was involved with the Thule Society and later formed the Vril Society with other women who shared her interests. They were characterized by their long hair, which they believed acted as antennas to receive telepathic communication from extraterrestrials. The Vril Society was reportedly interested in creating a spacecraft to travel to the Aldebaran system, based on the technical information that Orsic and others allegedly channeled.

Orsic is noted for her supposed role in channeling information that led to the alleged creation of advanced propulsion technology and flying machines, often linked to UFO theories surrounding Nazi Germany.

Orsic is alleged to have passed this information to various members of the Vril Society and other associated groups. This included technical plans and specifications necessary for the construction of these supposed flying machines, often referred to in speculative literature as “UFOs” or “Vril discs.” Among those who reportedly received this information were other members of the Vril Society and possibly figures within the German military or scientific community who were interested in exploring advanced and unconventional technology during that era.

The portrayal of Maria Orsic and the members of the Vril Society often reflects a certain idealized image that was part of the larger cultural milieu of early 20th-century Germany. The frequent depiction of these individuals with blonde hair and blue eyes aligns with the period’s interest in mysticism and ancient mythologies, which were intertwined with the narratives of the time. It’s a reflection of the era’s fascination with legends and the romanticism of past cultures that were believed to possess profound knowledge and secrets.

In December 1919, members of various societies, including Maria Orsic, rented a hunting lodge near Berchtesgaden, Germany. Here, Orsic claimed to receive telepathic transmissions in a secret German Templar script, which she didn’t know, containing technical data for building a flying machine.

Orsic had two sets of papers: one with Templar script and another in an ancient eastern language. With the help of the Panbabylonists, a group associated with the Thule Society, it was discovered that the mysterious language was ancient Sumerian. Sigrun, from the Vril Gesellschaft, helped translate this language and decipher mental images of circular flight machines.

By 1922, the project to build a flying machine began taking shape with funding from Thule and Vril. Orsic formed the “All German Society for Metaphysics,” later known as the Vril Society, with friends from Munich. These women, known for their long hair, believed it acted as cosmic antennas to receive alien communication.

In November 1924, Orsic visited Rudolf Hess, along with Rudolf von Sebottendorff, in Munich. They attempted to contact the deceased Dietrich Eckart, a Thule Society member. During this séance, a voice identifying as Sumi from Aldebaran communicated, claiming that Sumi was an ancient humanoid race that colonized Earth and was an ancestor of the Aryan race.

In December 1943, a meeting was held by Vril in Kolberg to discuss the Aldebaran project, planning a trip to habitable planets around Aldebaran. This project was further discussed in January 1944 with prominent Nazi figures, including Hitler and Himmler, leading to the development of the Vril 7 Jaeger, intended to travel to Aldebaran.

Maria Orsic disappeared in 1945, after sending a letter to Vril Society members, which ended with “niemand bleibt hier” (nobody is staying here). It is speculated that they departed for Aldebaran. Following her disappearance, there were rumors of an American expedition to Antarctica, possibly to find Nazi technology and UFOs.

​​”The Maria Orsic Story” is a drama released in 2017 that focuses on Marija OrÅ¡ić, a woman who is credited with the invention of the Earth’s first flying saucer. The movie narrates her struggles against discrimination and her remarkable achievement in technological advancement, which has only begun to be recognized in modern times. OrÅ¡ić was a famous medium and the leader of the Vril Society, an esoteric group alleged to be involved in the creation of advanced propulsion technology. She is also depicted as an alleged partner to the famed inventor Nikola Tesla and someone who was admired by Adolf Hitler. The film culminates with the mysterious disappearance of Maria Orsic in 1945, leaving behind her legacy shrouded in mystery​​​​​​.