Donation Sites

Diana Pasulka’s insights in “American Cosmic” shed light on a unique intersection of ufology and spirituality, suggesting that events deemed UFO crashes might actually be “donation sites” for humanity, a concept echoed by figures like Jacques Vallée. This perspective underlines the potential for such phenomena to influence human technological and spiritual development, resonating with the broader human inclination towards religion and spirituality.

In an interview on the “Theories of Everything” YouTube channel, Diana Pasulka discusses a key figure from her book “American Cosmic,” referred to by the pseudonym Tyler. Tyler, who worked on almost every space shuttle launch as a mission controller and had high security clearances, reached out to Pasulka due to their shared interest in the belief systems surrounding space exploration. Tyler introduced Pasulka and Gary Nolan to an alleged UFO crash site in New Mexico, claiming it as evidence of UFOs from the 1940s, challenging Pasulka’s skepticism towards the physical existence of UFOs.

The VETTED YouTube channel looks into the narratives shared in various interviews and social media posts about the visit to a secret UFO crash site in New Mexico. By connecting the dots between different accounts, VETTED offers unique insights.

In the narrative, Diana Pasulka shares an intriguing story about visiting a secret UFO crash site in New Mexico, accompanied by Dr. Garry Nolan and a mysterious figure known as Tyler. This expedition led them to discover “Frog Skin” like UFO metal material, a finding that was not without its consequences.

Dianne elaborated on the “Frog Skin” like UFO meta material by detailing its size and the effort put into uncovering it. She noted that the pieces they found during their dig were not very large, with one being about the size of a pack of gum and the ‘frog skin’ part approximately the size of a small notebook. This description adds to the intriguing nature of their discovery, suggesting the material’s unique properties were observable even in smaller fragments.

Upon their return to the airport, an incident occurred where Nolan was stopped and inspected, hinting at the sensitive nature of the materials they had uncovered. However, Nolan later denied taking any materials from the site, adding a layer of controversy to Pasulka’s account.

The connection between Tyler, and Elon Musk introduces a fascinating twist to the story. Taylor, I mean Tyler, with his extensive involvement in NASA and the Space Force, is portrayed as a significant figure in the narrative of UFO investigations and UFO crash landings. This association suggests a deeper involvement of high-profile individuals and entities in the exploration and understanding of UFO phenomena.

It’s intriguing that Elon Musk, known for his advancements in space technology, expresses skepticism about UFOs and alien presence, especially when his Spaceforce contact, appears deeply involved in UFO crash landing investigations. This juxtaposition raises questions.

Project Musk,” is a strategic initiative aimed at altering Elon Musk’s public views on UFOs and extraterrestrial life, given his significant influence in space technology and exploration. It explores the intriguing contrast between Musk’s public skepticism and his connections to figures deeply involved in UFO research.