Collins Elite

The Collins Elite is a mysterious and little-known group within the realm of theories and paranormal investigations. The group is believed to consist of former government agents, intelligence officers, and religious scholars who share a common interest in the intersection of science, religion, and the unexplained.

The primary goal of the Collins Elite is to investigate and understand the paranormal and supernatural phenomena that have been reported throughout history. This includes UFO sightings, encounters with extraterrestrial beings, and instances of high strangeness that defy conventional scientific explanations. Their mission is shrouded in secrecy, and they are known for their reluctance to disclose their findings to the public.

The Collins Elite’s is thought to have emerged around the 1950s, coinciding with the peak of the Cold War and widespread interest in UFOs. It is speculated that this group may have been established within the intelligence agencies of the U.S. government during that period.

The Collins Elite is described as a collection of individuals within the U.S. government and military who hold a particular set of beliefs regarding UFOs and their origins, rather than a formal agency. The group’s name and its theories gained attention through investigations and writings by individuals like Nick Redfern.

Redfern’s research involved direct contact with members of the Collins Elite and led him to conclude that the group believes UFO phenomena are not extraterrestrial but rather demonic in nature. This belief is said to be based on a combination of religious conviction and interpretations of historical events, including early modern UFO sightings and alleged encounters. The group’s perspective is deeply influenced by religious fundamentalism, with a significant focus on the potential demonic origins of UFOs, which they believe are deceptive and manipulative forces aiming to mislead humanity.

According to Redfern, the Collins Elite’s views were shaped by figures such as Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley, whose occult practices in the early to mid-20th century are thought to have opened a portal to other dimensions inhabited by these malevolent entities. This belief system led the Collins Elite to conclude that the UFO phenomenon is part of an “end times” scenario, where the appearance of extraterrestrial beings could be a deception by satanic forces.

The group’s activities and meetings, as reported by Redfern, took place in various informal settings and were initiated by the group members themselves.

The nature of the Collins Elite stems from their secretive operations and their reluctance to share their findings with the public. They believe that the information they have uncovered about the paranormal and supernatural is too sensitive and potentially destabilizing for society at large.

In a recent engaging discussion on “Expanding Frontiers,” hosted by Erica Lukes, renowned author and researcher Nick Redfern looked into the intriguing subject of The Collins Elite, occult influences, and the UFO phenomenon. Redfern, known for his extensive work on various aspects of the unknown, shared insights from his investigation into a shadowy group within the government known as The Collins Elite. This group, according to Redfern, has been deeply involved in studying the UFO phenomenon from a perspective that diverges significantly from the mainstream extraterrestrial hypothesis.

The Collins Elite posits that UFOs and related phenomena might be deeply entwined with occult practices and supernatural entities, rather than just being advanced technology from distant galaxies. Redfern’s narrative suggests that this group believes in the existence of non-human entities, which they perceive not as aliens in the traditional sense but as beings from other dimensions or realms, possibly with malevolent intentions. This perspective aligns with a more paranormal or supernatural interpretation of UFO encounters, suggesting that these experiences could be interactions with entities from different planes of existence.

Redfern’s discussion also touched upon historical figures like Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons, highlighting their experiments with rituals aimed at contacting non-human entities. These historical anecdotes serve to illustrate a longstanding human interest in the occult and the supernatural, suggesting a potential overlap with modern UFO encounters. The implication is that the phenomena attributed to extraterrestrials in contemporary UFOlogy might, in some cases, be better understood through the lens of paranormal and occult traditions.

It suggests that the true nature of these encounters might be far more complex, involving aspects of human consciousness, spirituality, and perhaps even other dimensions.