UFOs with Four Legs

The phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) has fascinated and perplexed humanity for decades, often leaving behind tantalizing traces of their existence. Among the myriad of reported encounters, a few stand out due to the compelling physical evidence they left behind. There are well-documented UFO landing incidents, where witnesses observed mysterious crafts and the remarkable imprints they made on the ground. These cases span across different continents and decades, showcasing the global nature of these unexplained phenomena.

\In the Valensole UFO incident on July 1, 1965, farmer Maurice Masse reported seeing a metallic disc-shaped object landing in his lavender field in Valensole, France. Masse described the craft as having four distinct legs on which it rested. When he approached the object, he encountered two small humanoid figures, who used a device to temporarily paralyze him. The encounter left notable physical evidence at the site. The most striking were the circular imprints where the legs of the craft had made contact with the ground. These imprints were detailed as four shallow grooves, each approximately 8 centimeters in diameter and about 2 meters long, forming a cross pattern with a central hole about 18 centimeters in diameter and 40 centimeters deep. The ground at this location became densely packed and exhibited a concrete-like hardness​. In addition to the ground imprints, Masse observed a strange metallic residue at the landing site. The area where the craft landed also experienced unusual soil composition changes and significant vegetation damage. Plants in the vicinity showed signs of desiccation and unusual growth patterns. Analysis of the site indicated a higher level of calcium in the soil, which further fueled speculation and investigation into the event​​.

The Lonnie Zamora incident, which occurred on April 24, 1964, near Socorro, New Mexico, is one of the most well-documented UFO sightings. Police officer Lonnie Zamora reported witnessing an egg-shaped UFO equipped with four landing legs. After hearing a loud roar and observing a flame descending from the sky, Zamora drove to the location and saw a shiny, metallic object resting on its four legs. This craft bore a peculiar insignia resembling an inverted “V” with a horizontal line through it. The site where the craft had landed left behind notable physical evidence, including four distinct landing gear imprints and areas of burnt vegetation. Investigators from Project Blue Book and other agencies confirmed the presence of these imprints and other anomalies, solidifying the credibility of Zamora’s account​

The Holloman AFB UFO Landing Incident of 1971 involved a silver, disc-shaped craft that landed using three or four landing legs.

The Kofu UFO Incident, which took place on February 23, 1975, in Kofu City, Japan, is a well-documented case involving a reported UFO landing. Two young boys, Masato Kono and Katsuhiro Yamahata, observed a disc-shaped, silver UFO with a dome on top land in a vineyard using four landing legs. The craft was approximately 5 meters in diameter and produced a crackling sound. Upon landing, the UFO left behind notable physical evidence, including depressions in the soil where the landing legs touched down, broken concrete posts, and loose wires. These details were later confirmed by a teacher and a local newspaper investigation, which found traces of radioactivity at the site, adding credibility to the boys’ account.

The Black Heath Incident, which took place on April 19, 1993, near Salisbury, England, involved a UFO landing. Witnesses reported seeing a dark charcoal-colored cylindrical object, approximately 60 feet in length, on the ground. The craft was supported by four landing legs, with two of them appearing damaged. Short humanoid beings, about 3.5 feet tall with slanted eyes, were seen on board the craft. According to the reports, a large US Air Force helicopter later arrived at the scene and transported the craft away.

The Valensole, Lonnie Zamora, Holloman AFB, Kofu, and Black Heath incidents each provide a unique glimpse into the mysterious world of UFO encounters. The physical evidence left behind in these cases—from circular imprints and landing gear marks to damaged vegetation and increased soil radioactivity—adds a layer of credibility that continues to intrigue researchers and enthusiasts alike.