Secrets Hidden from the Public

Some believe that through techniques like meditation or visualization, it’s possible to “jump” between parallel realities, accessing experiences and knowledge from alternate selves. Some people believe they have permanently jumped timelines. These individuals report significant changes in their lives, feeling as though they have crossed into a reality that is noticeably different from the one they remember. This belief is often supported by their observations of subtle yet undeniable differences in their environment, relationships, or even their own personal history. They suggest that these permanent shifts are not just temporary experiences but lasting changes that indicate a profound movement across the boundaries of parallel worlds.

Moreover, there are those who believe in the power of rituals to tap into the knowledge and presence of interdimensional beings. These rituals, often steeped in ancient practices and occult traditions, are thought to open channels of communication with these entities. Practitioners claim that through specific ceremonies, meditations, and invocations, they can summon these beings into our reality, gaining access to hidden wisdom and manifesting their influence in tangible ways. Such rituals are believed to bridge the gap between dimensions, allowing for a direct interaction with the unseen forces.

The UFOs and beings can transfer advanced technical scientific information, which often is dangerous and can materialize in our reality, appearing to protect or control us from other beings that also materialize in our reality. These interdimensional travelers possess technology far beyond our current understanding, enabling them to manipulate space-time and traverse multiple dimensions. This transfer of knowledge is not without risks. Such information, if misused, can lead to dangerous advancements in weaponry, surveillance, and other technologies that may disrupt the balance of power on Earth. Furthermore, these beings seem to play a dual role—they sometimes appear to offer protection, using their advanced capabilities to shield humanity from other potentially hostile entities that cross into our dimension. However, this protective stance can also be seen as a form of control, as they might steer human development and global events according to their own agendas. This complex interplay of protection and control raises profound questions about the true intentions of these beings and the ultimate impact of their technological gifts on our reality.

  1. Multiple Worlds

In John A. Keel’s book “Our Haunted Planet,” he elaborates on several “secrets” that he claims have been hidden from the public. The first and most important secret is the existence of multiple worlds composed of different forms of matter but occupying the same space. This concept is a cornerstone of his argument about the nature of many unexplained phenomena.

Keel discusses the idea that many unexplained phenomena, such as UFOs and mysterious creatures, may be the result of interdimensional beings interacting with our world. He theorizes about prehuman races that have remained hidden from surface dwellers, possibly influencing and observing humanity from secret locations. Keel explores the idea that these hidden races or interdimensional beings manipulate human actions and beliefs, often for their amusement or other unknown purposes. He looked into various archaeological phenomena and historical anomalies, suggesting that these might be remnants or evidence of interactions with these hidden beings or alternate dimensions. Additionally, he posits that occult practices and secret societies may have knowledge of these hidden truths and may play a role in concealing or manipulating information about these phenomena. We live in a world influenced by unseen and often inexplicable forces.

2. Jumping Between Worlds: The Mandela Effect

A compelling extension of Keel’s theory of multiple worlds is the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect refers to instances where large groups of people remember events, facts, or details differently from how they are recorded in history. This phenomenon suggests that some of us might be jumping between similar but distinct parallel worlds, each with slight variations. These shifts between dimensions could account for the discrepancies in our collective memories. Anomalies indicate that our perceptions and memories might be influenced by these subtle interdimensional shifts, providing a fascinating lens through which to explore Keel’s ideas about the unseen forces shaping our reality.

3. Interdimensional Jumps: Beings and Their Craft

The G28 Interdimensional Beings (IBs) Program looks into the mechanisms by which these beings and their craft traverse the boundaries between dimensions. According to the program, these entities possess advanced technology enabling them to manipulate space-time, allowing for instantaneous movement between parallel worlds. This capability to “jump” between dimensions might explain the sudden appearances and disappearances of UFOs and other mysterious phenomena. By bending or warping the fabric of our reality, these beings seamlessly transition from their dimension to ours, often evading detection and leaving only fleeting traces of their presence. Such interdimensional jumps underscore the complexity and sophistication of these entities, offering a potential explanation for the elusive nature of many unexplained encounters.

4. Angels and Demons

The phenomena has intrigued humanity for decades, if not centuries, if not millennia, as we grapple with its understanding. It seems we are experiencing multiple layers of disclosure simultaneously. On one hand, there’s the mysterious blonde-haired, blue-eyed beings often associated with silver UFO spheres that sometimes appear to have wings, reminiscent of angels. On the other, there are numerous other entities, often described as demonic, each with their own unique craft, ranging from classic flying saucers to an array of other bizarre shapes. This multifaceted phenomenon leaves us questioning the true nature and intent of these visitors.

As we explore the perplexing world of interdimensional phenomena, the concept of quantum jumping provides a unique bridge between scientific theory and metaphysical beliefs. Whether through the Mandela Effect, the advanced technology of interdimensional beings, or our own consciousness, the idea that we can interact with or even move between parallel worlds challenges our understanding of reality.