Richard Dolan and Ryan Wood Discuss UAP Retrievals

In a recent episode of the “Richard Dolan Show,” Richard Dolan was joined by renowned UFO researcher Ryan Wood to discuss the topic of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) retrievals. The conversation centered around the re-release of Wood’s influential book, “Magic Eyes Only,” which meticulously documents over 100 UAP/UFO crash incidents. Wood looked into the compelling evidence supporting the reality of UFO crash retrievals, presenting a strong case backed by extensive research and investigation.

The book “Magic Eyes Only” by Ryan Wood was first published in 2005. This work documents numerous UFO crash retrieval incidents and has been recognized within the UFO research community for its comprehensive coverage and detailed investigation of such cases. This expansive volume brings together a compendium of 104 cases, substantiated by an array of evidence from declassified documents to personal accounts. It looks into instances like the storied Roswell event and lesser-known occurrences in remote corners of the world, providing a deep dive into the often concealed realm of UAP phenomena. Each account is carefully scrutinized, contributing to a broader understanding of potential extraterrestrial encounters and their earthly aftermath. The book’s in-depth analysis extends the conversation beyond mere speculation to a more informed discourse on the reality of UFO incidents.

Here is a list of the UFO crash retrieval incidents covered:

Aurora, Texas, April 1897
Stavropol, Russia, Late 19th Century
Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 1941
Los Angeles Air Raid, California, 1942
North of Georgia, USA, 1942
England, World War Two
San Antonio, New Mexico, 1945
Arkansas, November 1946
Papagos Indian Reservation, Arizona, 1947
Plain of San Agustin, New Mexico, July 1947
Roswell, New Mexico, July 1947
Kingman, Arizona, May 1953
Desert Range Experimental Station, Nevada, 1953
Braxton County, West Virginia, September 1952
The Lubbock, Texas, 1959
Las Vegas, April 1962
Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, December 1965
South Australia-Western Australia Border, 1977
Bolivian Mountains, January 1998
Peru, July 1977
Sierra Madre, Mexico, August 1977
McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, USA, January 1978
Taire Mountain, Bolivia, May 1978
Oregon, USA, June 1979
Santa Cruz, Bolivia, August 1979
Modesto, California, September 1979
Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England, December 1980
El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico, 1984
Western Henbury, Australia, May 1986
Vitor Harbor, Australia, 1987
Dalnegorsk, Former Soviet Union, 1988
Chealde, Staffordshire, England, July 1991
South Haven Park, Long Island, USA, November 1992
Boscombe Down, England, September 1994
Hepburn Hill, Cotswolds, England, October 1994
Varginha, Brazil, January 1996
Easter Island, Scotland, January 1996
New Mexico, USA, 1947
Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA, October 1947
Aztec, New Mexico, USA, March 1948
Helgoland, Germany, 1952
Spitsbergen, Norway, July 1952
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, July 1952
North Atlantic, 1954
Caracas, Venezuela, 1954
Ubatuba, Brazil, September 1957
Isle of Lewis, Scotland, October 1957
Timmendorfer, Germany, 1962
Shantou, China, July 1963
Caracas, Venezuela, March 1963
Walthamstow, England, April 1964
Cambridge, England, January 1965
Llandegla, Wales, December 1965
Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, Winter 1969
St. Geniez, France, March 1972
Hawaii, USA, June 1973
Berwyn Mountains, North Wales, January 1974
Chihuahua, Mexico, August 1974
Hampstead Heath, England, 1976
Otago, South Island, New Zealand, July 1978
Minas Gerais, Brazil, May 1978
Heidelberg, Germany, Late 1970s
Dalnegorsk, USSR, January 1986
Yukon Territory, Canada, January 1986
Trans-en-Provence, France, January 1981
Ajax, Ontario, Canada, October 1992
Southaven Park, USA, 1992

A significant portion of their discussion focused on the Majestic Documents, especially the SOM 1-01 manual, which is believed to outline protocols for UFO crash retrievals. These documents, which have been a subject of controversy and intrigue within the UFO research community, were thoroughly examined. Wood articulated a persuasive argument for the authenticity of these documents and, by extension, the existence of UFO crash retrieval operations.

Throughout the program, Dolan and Wood explored various aspects of UAP retrievals, including eyewitness accounts, official documents, and the physical evidence associated with such incidents. Wood’s book, “Magic Eyes Only,” was highlighted as a comprehensive and authoritative resource on the subject, offering a detailed overview of numerous crash retrieval cases. The discussion also touched on the significance of these retrievals in understanding the broader phenomenon of UAPs and their implications for our knowledge of extraterrestrial technology and interaction with these unidentified objects.

In addition to UAP retrievals, Wood shared insights into his work outside of ufology, particularly his involvement with Electric Fusion Systems, a company focused on developing scalable fusion power appliances. This venture aims to significantly reduce the cost of electricity and potentially revolutionize energy consumption globally, drawing a parallel to the advanced technologies often associated with UAPs.

The conversation between Dolan and Wood provided a deep dive into the complex and often contentious topic of UAP retrievals, shedding light on the evidence and research that support the existence of such incidents. Their discussion underscored the ongoing need for rigorous investigation and open dialogue within the research community to further our understanding of UAPs and their impact on human technology and society.