Project Pegasus

Project Pegasus, as described by Andrew D. Basiago, is a supposed secret United States government project from the 1960s and 1970s. According to Basiago, he was one of the chosen child participants, selected due to both his father’s work on the project and his own demonstrated psychic abilities. The project, he claims, was a branch of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that sought to research and develop technologies for teleportation and time travel.

According to Basiago, Project Pegasus successfully developed functional teleportation and chronovision (a form of “real-time” time travel) by 1970. Basiago claims to have used these technologies on multiple occasions, including to teleport between New Jersey and New Mexico, to visit past and future events, and even to interact with historical figures like George Washington. The ultimate goal of Project Pegasus was to equip the U.S. President, intelligence community, and military with a range of abilities including teleportation for strategic repositioning of troops, and foresight into future events to help avert major world crises.

As Basiago describes, the teleportation technology supposedly worked by creating a “vortal tunnel” from radiant energy—a concept said to have originated from the work of pioneering scientist Nikola Tesla. Basiago alleges that participants would jump through this energy field and emerge at the desired location, seemingly instantaneously. The chronovision technology supposedly used a device to project a holographic scene of a past or future event. This scene was reportedly based on “residual” energy or quantum particles from that time.

Andrew Basiago has claimed that the U.S. government’s time travel technology was shared with the UK government. In 2012, he told The Vancouver Observer that British intelligence service MI6 had been involved in the development of chronovision technology (source: “Andrew Basiago and the truth about U.S. time travel,” The Vancouver Observer, 2012).

Basiago has claimed to have met several prominent historical and contemporary figures during his teleportation and time travel missions. This includes alleged encounters with George Washington, Jesus Christ, and Barack Obama, who Basiago says was also a participant in Project Pegasus.

Basiago argues that the ultimate goal of Project Pegasus wasn’t just for military applications but to enlighten humanity. He believes that by knowing the future, humanity could adopt a more peaceful and harmonious path.

Books on the topic, such as Basiago’s own “Once Upon a Time in the Time Stream: My Adventures in Project Pegasus at the Dawn of the Time-Space Age,” have documented these claims in great detail.

Project Pegasus, as recounted by Andrew D. Basiago, is a fascinating narrative that stretches the boundaries of our understanding of physics and human capabilities, inviting us to question our perceptions of time and space. It paints a picture of a reality where time travel and teleportation are not only possible, but were operational over half a century ago, hinting at a clandestine scientific progress far beyond what is publicly acknowledged.