G28 – Interdimensional Beings (IBs) Program

On June 29, 2008, at 6:32 p.m., a whistleblower, claiming to be a worker at an underground base near Groom Lake, recorded a message to share what he described as the truth about alien presence on Earth, in our solar system, and beyond. The individual, who had been working for eight years as a researcher and analyst in a highly secretive program referred to as G28 or the “Interdimensional Beings (IBs) Program” within the black ops community, decided to come forward as their time at the facility was nearing an end. The whistleblower emphasizing that the existence of alien technology and beings, which they referred to as Interdimensional Beings (IBs), is a reality well acknowledged at the highest levels of secretive government operations.

The whistleblower detailed that their work involved researching and analyzing extraterrestrial presence not just within our solar system but also in other dimensions. They explained the concept of multiple dimensions or planes existing concurrently, likening them to stacked blankets, with our reality being just one of these layers. According to their testimony, what are commonly referred to as aliens are actually beings from these other dimensions, capable of ‘jumping’ into our dimension, often remaining invisible to us due to the differences in wavelength.

They disclosed that every celestial body in our dimension, including planets and stars, exists in these other dimensions but may take on entirely different forms. For instance, Jupiter, a gas giant in our dimension, is purported to be a solid, habitable planet in a higher dimension. This knowledge comes from technology that allegedly allows glimpses into these other dimensions, revealing a vastly different solar system.

The whistleblower claims that there are at least four other dimensions beyond our own that are known about and have been briefed on within the black ops community.

Further revelations included the claim that Mars once hosted an advanced civilization, evidence of which has been discovered through artifacts and the analysis of chemical residues from catastrophic events on the planet. The whistleblower also hinted at the continued existence of extraterrestrial activity on Mars, although details were limited.

One of the more startling claims was regarding Earth’s moon, which the individual stated houses both alien and human bases, primarily on the far side, away from Earth’s view. They suggested that much of the Apollo moon landing footage was doctored or filmed on Earth to conceal the presence of alien structures on the moon. They alleged that the real lunar surface was littered with alien bases and that constant alien activity made it difficult to capture usable footage for public release.

The whistleblower concluded by asserting that these revelations only scratch the surface of what is known within the black ops community about extraterrestrial beings and their interactions with our dimension and others. They stressed the advanced nature of these beings, especially those from higher dimensions, and the profound implications of their existence for our understanding of the universe.

This whistleblower is saying similar things as Donna Hare, a former design illustrator at Philco Ford Aerospace, shared insights into NASA’s UFO secrecy, revealing encounters with unexplained phenomena and strict cover-up protocols. She encountered a photo with a UFO, which was routinely airbrushed out, and learned of astronauts encountering UFOs on the moon, sworn to secrecy. Her testimony, ready to be shared before Congress, highlights the depth of government concealment and the selective dissemination of UFO-related information within the aerospace industry​​.