William Tompkins

William Tompkins was an American aerospace engineer, author, and whistleblower who claimed to have worked on several top-secret government programs, including the development of advanced spacecraft and anti-gravity propulsion systems. He was born on May 29, 1923, in Los Angeles, California, and passed away on August 21, 2017, in San Diego, California, at the age of 94.

Tompkins graduated from high school in 1941 and went on to study mechanical engineering at Santa Monica College. In 1942, he began working as a draftsman for Douglas Aircraft Company. He later joined the US Navy, where he worked as an aircraft mechanic and eventually became involved in naval intelligence. After his service, Tompkins returned to Douglas Aircraft Company and later worked for Northrop Corporation, where he was involved in the design and development of advanced aircraft and spacecraft

William Tompkins claimed to have been involved in the development of the secret space program of the United States Navy, which allegedly included the creation of spacecraft capable of interstellar travel. He claimed that he had been contacted by extraterrestrial beings who provided him with advanced technology and knowledge that he used in his work. Tompkins claimed to have witnessed UFO sightings and to have seen evidence of extraterrestrial visitation.

Tompkins’ claims about advanced spacecraft and anti-gravity propulsion systems are difficult to evaluate from a scientific perspective since there is little public information about the US government’s classified aerospace programs. Tompkins claimed that anti-gravity propulsion systems were based on a theory of electromagnetism that he called “field physics.” This theory posited that space-time was not a vacuum but was instead filled with a “plenum” of particles that could be manipulated to create gravitational effects.

Tompkins claimed that he was involved in the design and construction of a secret US Navy space fleet in the 1960s that used advanced propulsion systems and was capable of interstellar travel. Tompkins was supported by other whistleblowers who made similar claims, such as Corey Goode and Randy Cramer.

Tompkins claimed that he worked with extraterrestrial beings who provided him with advanced technology and knowledge. He claimed that these beings were Nordic in appearance and communicated telepathically.

William Tompkins’ backup presentation for the 2017 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas was recorded as a precautionary measure and later released by MUFON television. In his presentation, Tompkins discussed his experiences and involvement with the secret space program and extraterrestrial beings. He claimed to have worked with extraterrestrial beings who provided him with advanced technology and knowledge. These beings were described as Nordic in appearance and communicated telepathically.

Tompkins recounted that his secretary, who worked with him on the Apollo program, was one of these Nordic beings. She was highly intelligent and played a significant role in his work. Jessica frequently provided Tompkins with solutions to technical problems telepathically during meetings, which he then presented as his own ideas. Tompkins attributed many of the successful resolutions of the Apollo program’s challenges to her insights. Jessica’s influence and guidance were portrayed as crucial to the progress and success of Tompkins’ work with advanced aerospace technologies and extraterrestrial collaboration.

William Tompkins claimed that he witnessed a UFO sighting in 1952 while working at Douglas Aircraft Company. He reported seeing a silver disc-shaped object hovering over the runway at a distance of 300-400 feet. This claim aligns with other UFO sightings reported during the 1950s​.