Nat Kobitz

Nat Kobitz, a former U.S. Navy Science & Technology Director, played a pivotal role in unveiling classified information about the recovery and reverse engineering of non-human technology. Near the end of his life, Kobitz openly shared his insights and experiences with journalist Ross Coulthart, shedding light on a secretive program that had been operational for decades. His testimony, given his high-ranking and credible position, significantly bolstered Coulthart’s investigative findings.

In conversations with Coulthart, Kobitz shared stories from his long career, including early drone technology development. He recounted a humorous incident involving the Secret Service and early drone testing during President George H.W. Bush’s administration. Over weeks of discussions, it became clear to Coulthart that Kobitz knew what he was truly interested in. Eventually, Kobitz candidly confirmed his involvement in a UFO retrieval and re-engineering program, further revealing that multiple such crafts had been retrieved.

Kobitz recounted a remarkable experience at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where he was taken underground and shown a bulkhead from an unknown craft. The material, composed of composites bonded at an atomic level, was so advanced that it defied conventional explanation. While Kobitz suspected it to be of non-human origin, he was cautious not to label it explicitly as alien, acknowledging that it was beyond any known human manufacturing capabilities.

Despite his deep respect for national security, Kobitz believed the American public and Congress deserved to know about such discoveries, especially since they involved taxpayer dollars. Before his death in 2020, he directed various contacts to Coulthart, leading to disclosures that confirmed the existence of a highly secretive program focused on the retrieval and reverse engineering of non-human technology.

Coulthart, grappling with the implications of these revelations, found that the sources Kobitz introduced him to consistently spoke of “The Program.” This compartmentalized effort aimed to retrieve and study non-human craft, maintaining strict secrecy and allegedly even resorting to extreme measures to protect these secrets. These sources painted a picture of a massive cover-up spanning decades, involving a deliberate disinformation campaign by the U.S. government.

Kobitz’s disclosures provided Coulthart with a rare glimpse into a world of advanced, non-human technology and the lengths to which the U.S. government went to keep this information hidden. As a credible and high-ranking source, Kobitz’s testimony not only validated Coulthart’s findings but also underscored the importance of transparency and accountability in matters involving national security and taxpayer funds.