Jesse Long Abduction Incident (1962)

The abduction of Jesse Long is a prominent account within the realm of alleged extraterrestrial encounters. Born in 1957, Jesse, a native of Tennessee, claimed to have experienced his first abduction at the young age of five, in 1962. He, along with his brother John, purportedly encountered a strange, otherworldly craft while playing on a hill near their home in Rogersville. The brothers reported seeing a round, disc-shaped object and humanoid figures that communicated telepathically, leading them into the craft.

Jesse Long sure looked like he had blonde hair as a child and I am not sure what coloured eyes.

Jesse’s narrative is remarkably detailed. He claimed that once inside the craft, he was subject to a series of medical examinations and procedures. Throughout his life, he alleged multiple similar incidents of abduction, with the most significant one in 1990. According to Jesse, the extraterrestrial beings implanted a small object in his left shin during this encounter, which he later had surgically removed in 1991. The object, about the size of a fingernail, was described as a biological monitoring device and was later analyzed by several laboratories, including Southwest Research Institute. Their report indicated the object was an anomalous composition of commonly found elements, prompting both intrigue and skepticism among researchers.

Jesse’s case has been discussed by various people involved in UFO and extraterrestrial research. Dr. Roger Leir, a podiatric surgeon and ufologist, played a crucial role in the analysis of the alleged implant. He expressed belief in the extraterrestrial origin of the implant due to its peculiar nature, including its lack of inflammatory or rejection response. Whitley Strieber, a renowned author and alleged abductee, also referred to Jesse’s case in his discussions, citing it as evidence of extraterrestrial interactions with humans.

The story of Jesse Long’s abductions has been recorded in several books and documentaries. One of the most notable books is “The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda” by David M. Jacobs, a historian and prominent researcher in the field of alien abductions. Jacobs explores several prominent cases, including Long’s, using them to propose a potential alien agenda that involves human-alien hybridization. Another significant book is “The Aliens and the Scalpel” by Dr. Roger Leir, which describes several cases of alleged alien implants, including Long’s. Leir looks into the details of the surgical procedures, the analyses of the removed objects, and what these findings could imply about alleged alien interactions with humans.

Apart from the regular abductions and medical experiments, Jesse claimed that he was used in a breeding program, resulting in hybrid offspring. He even claimed to have met one of his hybrid children during an abduction in 1990.

Claims made by Jesse Long include the assertion that the extraterrestrial beings had a specific interest in human DNA. He believes this interest is not malevolent, rather scientific, and possibly even benevolent. This perspective is shared by many within the ufology community who see the phenomena not as an invasion, but as an engagement from advanced beings who may be trying to assist or study humanity in their own way.

Whitley Strieber’s “Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?” also discusses Long’s case. The book presents various pieces of ‘hard evidence’ for extraterrestrial encounters, ranging from implants like Jesse’s to crop circles and animal mutilations. While Strieber himself is a self-proclaimed abductee, his book attempts to provide a balanced view, presenting the evidence and letting readers draw their own conclusions.